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FAE agreement rejected in response region of Quebec | Strikes in the public sector in Quebec

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Members of the Autonomous Education Federation (FAE) were on strike for 22 days in the fall.

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Thursday evening, teachers members of the Quebec Region Education Union (SERQ), the regional wing of the Federation autonomous education (FAE), rejected by 60% the agreement in principle concluded with the government of Quebec.

The agreement in principle and the return to work protocol were presented to the members. The decision to reject them was taken after a 6:30 a.m. virtual general meeting.

Out of respect for union democracy and all teachers directly concerned by the negotiations, the SERQ will not comment further on the content of the agreement in principle until local meetings of all unions affiliated with the FAE are held and the return in the Federal Negotiating Council on February 7, we can read in the press release sent overnight.

The SERQ represents more than 7,000 teachers and teachers from the Capitale School Service Center and the Premières-Seigneuries School Service Center.

Strikes in the public sector in Quebec

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Strikes in the public sector in Quebec

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What now remains is the Haute-Yamaska ​​Teachers' Union (SEHY) and its approximately 2,000 members who must decide on January 31. The vote had to be postponed because of members' discontent following the organization's position.

It's only a step in the process of reaching an agreement with the FAE authorities. To be adopted, it will have to obtain a double majority, i.e. the majority of union units and the majority of mandates allocated to each union according to the number of members it represents.

The final results will be revealed after the FAE Federal Council meeting on February 7.

In total, the unions affiliated to the FAE number 66,500 members across the province, which represents approximately 40% of teachers in the province's school network.

The agreement in principle was reached during the holiday season. In particular, it provides an envelope of $33 million to reduce the composition of classes for students with special needs and an intervention plan.

In addition, $5.3 million must be injected to implement part-time resources in disadvantaged areas at the preschool level, and add 4,000 classroom aides at the preschool and primary levels.

FAE members are also to receive a salary increase of 17.4% over five years.

The tentative agreement ended the unlimited general strike of the FAE which lasted 22 days.

For their part, the 95,000 teachers represented by the other major union group, the Federation of education unions (FSE-CSQ) affiliated to the Common Front, will see their salaries increase from 17.4 to 24.5% over five years, depending on their level.

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