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The Factor Druk printing house in Kharkiv will be restored: where will the funds come from?

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun2,2024

The Factor Druk printing house in Kharkiv will be restored: where will the funds come from

Print factor” destroyed by Russian missiles/photo by Oleg Sinegubov

The American billionaire Howard Buffett's foundation will help restore the equipment of the Factor Druk printing house in Kharkiv. We are talking about a printing house destroyed as a result of a Russian missile attack.

This was reported by Howard Buffett and the Deputy Prime Minister of the Economy, Yulia Svyridenko, during the Book Arsenal, writes Chitomo.

< The vice-premier noted that the ministry will provide grants for the purchase of new equipment for the printing press. She also noted: "In addition to grant support, we turned to Howard Buffett, and he promised to help fully restore the destroyed equipment and premises." In his video message, Howard Buffett said that he spoke with the president of the Factor group of companies. Serhiy Polituchy. The Buffett Foundation will help temporarily restore the printing house in order to replace the equipment as soon as possible and start printing textbooks before the beginning of the school year.

They can destroy books, but not Ukrainian resilience and dedication . We must restore the printing press and do it quickly. We look forward to working with Serhiy and working in Kharkiv,
– said Buffett.

Let us remind you that on May 23, Russia carried out a massive missile attack on the Osnovyan district of Kharkiv, where the Factor Druk printing house is located. Director General of Vivat publishing house Yuliya Orlova urged to donate to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and to continue buying Ukrainian books.

Natasha Kumar

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