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L&rsquo ;expression “holding the line” is not illegal, argues Tamara Lich’s lawyer

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Tamara Lich upon her arrival at court, November 3, 2023 (Archive photo)

The Canadian Press

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Tamara Lich's lawyer says her frequent use of the phrase “hold the line” does not imply that the trucker convoy organizer encouraged protesters to commit illegal actions. Eric Granger made the argument Tuesday, arguing that Lich and fellow organizer Chris Barber should not be considered co-conspirators in their criminal trial, which means that evidence against one of them should not be used against both.

The two accused were among the most high-profile organizers of the winter 2022 protests that blocked downtown Ottawa streets to protest COVID-19 public health restrictions. /p>

The rallying cry Hold the line (Hold the line) was ultimately at the heart of this trial, while the Crown attempts to prove that Ms. Lich and Mr. Barber exerted influence over the crowds and urged protesters not to move as police attempted to clear the streets.

Mr. Granger argued that the phrase was used on the rally's Facebook page before the protesters even arrived in Ottawa – and before the crimes they are accused of were committed.

According to the lawyer, it is risky to claim that the use of the expression Hold the line is reprehensible.

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