The experts of Cisco Talos discovered stealing data from WhatsApp malware

The experts of Cisco Talos discovered in WhatsApp malware steals data. The product is the new version of DenDroid mobile Trojan remote access. The program is a complex package solution.

Специалисты Cisco Talos обнаружили похищающее данные из WhatsApp зловредное ПО

The source code of the virus has hit the Network in 2015. WolfRAT is focused on smartphones running on Android OS, it uses about updates, implemented using WEB services, including Google Play. Trojan penetrated into the device, collects a variety of information, including accounts, audio, photos and videos. There is a technical record of all actions performed on the display of the gadget, and blocks for 50 seconds each.

Experts say that viral product WolfRAT released by a group of Wolf Research, retired in 2018, then the team was renamed the LokD. This software contains many flaws, some of its functions have failures, however, Cisco Talos said that the program is constantly being improved.

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