The experts identified 4 products that reduce immunity

In terms of the spread of coronavirus particularly important to strengthen the immune system. Experts have called 4 food product that reduce the body’s ability to fight infections and bacteria.

Эксперты назвали 4 продукта, которые снижают иммунитет

According to nutritionists, not all dishes and drinks are definitely useful. So, drinking coffee can lower the efficiency of the thymus gland. This authority is responsible for the production of specific cells to protect against various pathogens. Also, do not bring much benefit for such a popular morning meal, muesli, they have too high percentage of carbohydrates. Rosebushes, they accumulate in the form of extra pounds and subcutaneous fat. In addition, contrary to popular belief, vitamins in Breakfast cereals a minimum number, so the feasibility in incorporating them in the diet no. Should not be used in such a busy period and alcohol because it overloads the liver, allowing this organ to remove toxins.

Cakes, candies and other sweets also will benefit, an increased amount of sugar badly affects both the immune system and digestion. And the increase in glucose leads to an exacerbation of diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

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