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The experience of Ukraine was taken into account: the USA wants to officially arm itself with FPV drones

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May15,2024

The experience of Ukraine was taken into account: the USA wants to officially arm itself with FPV drones

According to Lt. Col. Michael Brabner, FPV drones are planned to be put into service by units of the American army by 2026.

The US Army may receive an official program that will finance and implement the procurement program for FPV drones and “tethered” drones. About this writes  portal Defense One with reference to the statement of Lt. Col. Michael Brabner, responsible for the needs of small UAVs in the Office of Development and Integration of Army Maneuver Capabilities.

Michael Brabner said that the goal is to 2026 fiscal year to put FPV in service with units. According to him, FPV drones will be used by infantry platoons, and “tethered” drones will arm armored units.

“We are strongly committed to making both of these programs record-breaking in fiscal year 2025,” — said the lieutenant colonel.

As journalists note, FPV drones became famous during the war in Ukraine — both sides use them to destroy equipment, the price of which significantly exceeds the cost of quadcopters. For its part, units of the US Army have been experimenting with tethered drones that use a wired power source to stay in the air for long periods of time.

According to Michael Brabner, FPV drones can provide an advantage in reconnaissance, relaying communications, electronic warfare and strikes. At the same time, the publication states that the US does not seek to repeat the “homemade” and “situational” approach of Ukraine.

“Weapons will be able to be safely attached to them, and then raised into the air. This is where we will have to pass through testing the safety of detonators, airworthiness and compliance with insensitive munitions,” — said a US officer.

It is not yet known which companies may provide FPV drones to the US military. The publication emphasized that the US military faces restrictions on the use of Chinese drones.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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