The exciting reaction of a Cuban immigrant upon receiving his first salary in the United States

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For over a year, Mari has been documenting her husband Yoel's experiences in their new country. This time she showed her joy by receiving her first salary: “You feel that every hour of work is worth it.” And it went viral

Yoel, a Cuban immigrant in Miami, was thrilled to receive his first salary payment in the United States. (@mimaincuba)

The reaction of a Cuban immigrant in Miami upon receiving his first salary went viral. Yoel arrived in the United States in 2021 and since then Mari , his wife, has been documenting his experiences in his new country. His reaction to seeing the fruit of his labor is touching.

“Are you recording me? Record me, record me… Look what I'm going to take out of my pocket: my first 'American' check”, exclaimed Yoel to his partner, overflowing with joy, in a video they shared on Instagram.< /p>

After Yoel emigrated from Cuba to the United States, he and his wife set out to capture all of their “first experiences”: moments like opening their first Christmas gifts or visiting a supermarket.

This is how Yoel prepared for his first day at work in the United States. (@mimaincuba)

According to his biography on YouTube , by recording Yoel's reactions to these seemingly ordinary things, things that one may tend to take for granted, the pair aims to show the reality of immigrants in the eyes of the rest of the people, and “inspire immigrants to see hope.”

When Mari pointed out the tax discount on his check, Yoel reflected: “I prefer this to Fidel Castro. Fidel Castro took more from me, communism took more from me.”

The check was the result of his effort. Yoel felt for the first time what it is like to earn a living with a job in a different economic system. The pride of reaping the fruits of him and fending for himself was visible on his face.

“This is my first hourly check,” he introduced. “You feel that every hour of work is worth it, you feel that every hour of work is important in your life, and that you know that you can fight for something… It is a feeling that is not comparable to anything, because I never had it in my country, in Cuba there is none,” concluded Yoel.

Yoel and Mari document their experiences since they arrived in the United States. (@mimaincuba)

An earlier video, posted the day after Halloween, in which the Cuban was seen giving candy to children, earned them more than 10 million likes. views, 2 million likes and nearly 20,000 comments on TikTok.

Mari began documenting Yoel's experiences in April 2021. Previously, her social networks focused on telling the difficulties they faced for Yoel to leave Cuba and they could meet. Back then she announced on Instagram: “Our content will be very different – ​​it will focus on assimilating into the 21st century and doing things for the first time together. It is our dream to create content that talks about the struggle of immigrants, the Cuban pain and living life for the first time.”

The exciting reaction of a Cuban immigrant to receiving his first salary in the United States

Yoel began working a few days after obtaining his green card. (@mimaincuba)

The political repercussions of his post did not go unnoticed by the young couple. With the change of focus of their social networks, they made it clear what the new content would mean for Cubans:

“Cubans are a different type of immigrants (…) Cuba was devastated with his current government and the tears come from the pain of not being able to express ourselves freely without fear. The tears come from a life where your dreams were limited by a few men. I can finally say without fear: down with the Cuban dictatorship and long live free Cuba. All of our content is dedicated to the tens of thousands of Cubans killed in those 90 miles.”