The ex-wife of Vladimir Ostapchuk about his request for a psychological examination, “Says the new mom will be better”

Elena Voychenko told the scandalous details of divorce

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Экс-супруга Владимира Остапчука о его запросе на психологическую экспертизу: "Говорит, что новая мама будет лучше"

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March 6, 2020 Ukrainian TV presenter Vladimir Ostapchuk officially terminated his marriage with his wife Elena Voychenko. After a loud and scandalous divorce, the artist stated that they took care of all household and financial matters with ex-wife.

But the Network was disturbed by the news that the entertainer had filed a request to DCFS to conduct psychological examination of Elena. In the program “Ranok z with Ukraine”, which airs on the TV channel “Ukraine”, Voichenko announced new shocking facts of this story.

Экс-супруга Владимира Остапчука о его запросе на психологическую экспертизу: "Говорит, что новая мама будет лучше"

Vladimir Ostapchuk and Elena Voichenko

In touch with the leading program Mary Miller and Gregory Herman left the ex-wife of showman Vladimir Ostapchuk – Elena Voychenko. Lead asked the woman if she would consent to pass a psychological evaluation, which was mentioned by the presenter.

Vladimir Ostapchuk eventually divorced – watch the video:

“The ability to say no, as it is an official inquiry and I must do it. Of course, I am willing to go, Vladimir this desire was voiced at the beginning of the quarantine. Long enough he says that Emilia will be a new mother to Evan, he these points are not discussed. Says the new mom will be better. Of course, I protest against such an opinion. Apparently, Vladimir wants to prove this through examination,” said Elena.

Now two children Ostapchuk born in the marriage with Voychenko live with mum. But the apartment where the showman had settled with his new girlfriend, a notary public Christina miner, also has room for a daughter Emilia and a son, Evan. Elena says that is not against dialogue of Vladimir with children.

Экс-супруга Владимира Остапчука о его запросе на психологическую экспертизу: "Говорит, что новая мама будет лучше"

Showman Vladimir Ostapchuk girl Christina

“I believe a child needs to communicate with his father. The only question is how it will happen. We must do everything not to hurt the children. Now the position that they will have new best mom is quite traumatic. And I try to explain to him that thus it can not be done. So I can not” – said the woman in the air “the Wound W with Ukraine”.

In turn, Vladimir Ostapchuk already commented on the statement by the former wife and noted that Elena dragging their children into their manipulation. According to the presenter, all of the above words Voichenko – slander.

“This is a slander, a complete lie, a fabrication and a dishonest manipulation, in which Helen weaves our children. Find this unacceptable! It is beyond the limit! Everyone knows how I feel about my children. Their health, including mental, is a priority for me. Therefore, such kind of thoughts my head could not come, not to mention the fact that I voiced them. I can only guess why Elena to spread false information about me. I can mention one word slander. I think mom’s children have only one and it is for them the best! Point”, – said the showman.

Recall that recently Vladimir Ostapchuk has intrigued fans video of his lady in a white dress.

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