The ex-mother-in-law of Shakira grabbed the singer by the face and ordered to be silent

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Shakira's ex-mother-in-law grabbed the singer by the face and ordered her to be silent


The other day, a video appeared on the network in which the mother of the Spanish football player Gerard Pique is quite emotionally talking with her daughter-in-law, the Colombian singer Shakira. The ex-mother-in-law grabs the artist by the face and orders her to be silent, El Mundo writes.< /p>

The incident occurred in 2016 during a social event at which Shakira and Pique met the mother of the athlete Montserrat Bernabeu. First, the woman smiles sweetly, and then grabs the singer by the face and raises her finger to her lips, showing a gesture of silence .

Further, the conversation continues as if nothing had happened, but the fans of the Colombian singer were outraged by this behavior of the ex-beloved mother.

  • If she allowed herself such a thing when they were in public, then I can imagine what happened at their house.
  • How did Shakira tolerate this family? The man's mother is clearly going overboard.< /em>
  • Piquet's reaction is most striking – stands as if nothing had happened to herself, as if what is happening is an absolute norm.
  • How she looks at her angrily.
  • Nobody has no right to do that! Even if it's a joke. – Write in the comments under the video.

What was the relationship between the singer and the ex-mother-in-law – unknown. However, after her divorce from Gerard Pique, Shakira installed a figure of a witch in front of the athlete's mother's house. It is known that they live next door.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga 

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