The events occurred in the match between Junior and Atlético Nacional. 

The events occurred in the match between Junior and Atlético Nacional. 

The Championship Disciplinary Committee closed a new chapter of disagreements between Jarlan Barrera, player of Atlético Nacional, and the fans of Junior de Barranquilla.

Barrera was under investigation after the events that occurred at the time of being replaced in the match between Junior and Nacional, in the first leg of the Copa Colombia quarterfinals.

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Why they were investigating Jarlan Barrera

The player received all kinds of insults and some fans threw objects at him from the stands of the Metropolitan Stadium, while he decided to respond, showing the shield in a defiant attitude. The attitude evidently heated things up and stirred up the reaction.

The fact did not go unnoticed and even Barrera added fuel to the fire with some statements in a press conference after that match.

“Playing in the best team in Colombia was a dream I had for a long time. I felt it when I was in Junior, where we lost finals, where the feeling of crying was different because one left crying, but it was losing the finals”, Jarlan said.

There were already two recent records of sanctions for provocation of the public: one, on Teófilo Gutiérrez, of Deportivo Cali, who was accused of pointing out the shield of that shirt to the fans of Deportes Tolima, at the end of last year.

The other was Giovanni Moreno, Atletico Nacional player, who gestured from one of the boxes at the El Campin stadium to fans of Millonarios who insulted him.

The events occurred in the match between Junior and Atlético Nacional. 

The decision of the Disciplinary Committee: not to sanction Jarlan

However, this time the Committee acted differently and decided not to punish Barrera.

“The Committee decided to order the closure and file of the investigation against the player Jarlan Barrera under the understanding that the mere fact of touching the shield did not constitute a disciplinary infraction, so it was necessary to examine in detail the context and scenario in which the conduct occurred and thus determines whether or not it was within the prohibited conduct,” says the resolution.

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“Under this framework, the Committee analyzed that the factual presuppositions under which touching the shield has been sanctioned as provocative conduct were not satisfied in the present case insofar as: (i) The player Barrera goes towards the substitute bench when being substituted , which is why the match was still in progress and he did not specifically go to that tribune in order to gesticulate against him, but rather as a normal consequence of the location of the substitute bench, and, (ii) The player Barrera was being booed by the stands, a situation that explains why his gesture was not motivated by provocation to the stands, but rather a normal gesture in the context of professional football, with respect to being booed”, he adds.

Nacional and Junior will meet again on August 18, in the second leg of the Cup quarterfinals, with the Barranquilla team leading 3-0.
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