The European Union will get rid of the fallow in the energy resources of the Russian Federation for 6-7 months – von der Leyen

The European Union will get rid of the fallow in the energy resources of the Russian Federation for 6-7 months – von der Leyen

The goal is to relieve Europe of staleness in the face of Russian great resources and in the face of the energy blackmail of the Kremlin є “absolute necessity”.

With the help of the diversification of the ways to supply and massive investments in the development of new energy, it will be possible to get rid of such a fallow in the Russian energy sources already in 6-7 months. About the press conference at the port of Rotterdam (Netherlands) at Thursday afternoon, Ursula von der Leyan, President of the European Commission, said, according to an Ukrinform correspondent.

The latest recording of the press conference for participation in the public participation on the EU multimedia portal.

“I am deeply overwhelmed, what we can overcome, and what we are stronger. At the same time, Norway supplies more gas to the European Union, lower Russia. On the cob of grapes from domestic imported gas, 40% fell on Russian gas. There were many fates. Today, less than 9 vіdsotkіv – tse Russian gas, and tse show that in six or seven months – we are already within reach – we will pozbudemosya zalezhnosti vіd russian vikopnykh energy resources”, – appointed by Ursula von der Leyen.

Vaughn guessed that EU would already start importing Russian gas, consequently changing the import of Russian oil, diversified gas supply routes. All you can do is come in and help me to get through the coming winter.

“If you want to be a hard task, we have created regional groups to ensure that the flow of gas will go there, de wine is needed. We may have supervised plans. To marvel at the whole from a broader perspective, I am deeply overwhelmed by what we can overcome. To that it is not less than war, as Russia has unleashed against Ukraine, but it is also nourishment for the one who lifts the mountain of autocracy, which democracy will overcome. I’m deeply overwhelmed, what can I do more dihannya”, & # 8211; added the President of the European Commission.

Vaughn loudly voiced that the sanctions of the EC Dedaliy more oppose the Russian economy, and having poured in these sanctions, the stench will be stronger, the stink itself was conceived. During the 3rd hour of the Putin period, the building often compensated for the decline in the Russian economy with surpluses in the form of most resources, and to the very same, the increase in the number of resources in the form of a particularly great value.

The President of the European Commission spoke about the importance of the implementation of the Green Deal of the EU and the achievement of climate goals in 2050. It is important from the climatic point of the dawn, the relics of which rock the whole of Europe passed through the dry land and hit extreme weather events. Ale zavdannya Zelenoy, the land is of particular importance, looking at the process of increasing the fallow land of the Russian pallid, and in the future – in the form of great energy resources like these.

Behind the words of ochіlnitsy ЄK, wind “islands” and energy “parks”, as if they will be created in the Pivnіch sea for the RePowerEU program, to give the ability to generate energy, as I will be more flexible, consume 50 million households, which will give you the potential to show potential. In addition, one of the key directions in the EU energy program is the development of water technologies.

“We realized that the new generation is not too bad for our climate. The stench is the same – about the problem of independence from the vikopny palny, the stink of allowing us to call in any way to try to blackmail our address and to check the security of our energy supply”, & # 8211; Ursula von der Leyen added.

As it was mentioned, not long ago Russia was supplying natural gas to Europe through the Pivnichniy Potik, which called for a black surge in prices on the energy market of the EU. Євросоюз розробив стратегію подолання поточної енергетичної кризи, ключовими елементами якої є підвищення енергоефективності, диверсифікація шляхів постачання енергоресурсів з метою виходу із залежності від росії та прискорений розвиток поновлювальних джерел енергії з метою поступової відмови від використання викопного пального.