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The European Union seeks to strengthen the cooperation of the EU countries in the field of defense

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May23,2024

European Union seeks to strengthen EU defense cooperation

The EU seeks to take greater responsibility for security and defense, including the creation of an internal defense market, the expansion of production capacities, the promotion of joint procurement and the financing of major European flagship projects, such as an EU air defense shield and improving cyber security.

EU leaders are seeking to take more responsibility for the security and defense of the European Union. Politico writes about it.


The publication explained that this month the EU will present a new strategic agenda, which is adopted every ten years and includes EU priorities.

Currently, officials are working on this document under the leadership of the President of the European Council, Charles Michel.

As found out in Politico, the EU wants to create an internal market for defense products and services, expand production capacity and promote joint procurement in the field of defense. 

The biggest obstacle to this goal is the lack of funds. Currently, a “new defense fund for European projects”, the expansion of the powers of the European Investment Bank and the possibility of creating “EU defense bonds” are proposed for financing in this area. However, according to the publication, Germany opposed this idea.

Journalists found out that EU leaders seek to find funding for and for “major European flagship projects”, “including an EU air defense shield or improving cyber security EU”.

Natasha Kumar

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