The European Union imposes sanctions against Sberbank of the Russian Federation

The European Union imposes sanctions against Sberbank of the Russian Federation

 EU imposes sanctions against Sberbank of Russia

  The European Union imposes sanctions against the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation

The new sanctions list includes the head of the UMMC, Mayor of Moscow Sobyanin and the Ombudsman for Children in Russia Maria Lvova-Belova

The European Union intends to add Sberbank and the head of the Russian company UMMC, which produces zinc and copper, to the sanctions list, which includes both individuals and legal entities.

48 individuals and 9 legal entities. The list also includes a motorcycle club, actors, politicians and family members of previously sanctioned businessmen.

The addition of Sberbank will freeze its assets in Western countries and completely prohibit transactions, with the exception of financial transactions in food and fertilizer trade , an EU official told Reuters.

Previously, Sberbank was already excluded from the SWIFT banking messaging system.

Operations to wind down its subsidiary's operations in Europe will continue to be allowed for six months, according to the official's statement and one of the documents.

However, the sanctions rules will be revised to allow previously listed Russian banks to use part of the frozen funds to trade food and fertilizer, which should remove unintended obstacles to global food trade.

Head of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company UMMC Andrey Kozitsyn will be added to the list as “engaged in economic sectors that provide a significant source of income for the state (Russia)”, the document says.

The move, which is expected to take place on Wednesday, will bring the total number of persons subject to EU sanctions in connection with the war in Ukraine to 1229 and increase the number of companies included in the list to 110.

Among those sanctioned is Sergei Korolev, First Deputy Director of the FSB of Russia. The document says he is “listed as a potential replacement” for FSB chief Alexander Bortnikov, who is already under sanctions.

Russia's Ombudsman Maria Lvova-Belova has been added to the list, accused of being that she “is one of the most involved persons in the illegal transportation of Ukrainian children to Russia and their adoption by Russian families.”

Ukraine accuses Moscow of moving more than 200,000 Ukrainian children to Russia since the start of the military conflict.

The Night Wolves Russian motorcycle club and its leaders have also been added to the list; among them Josef Hambalek, president of the club's European branch, who is accused of training club members in a camp in Slovakia for fighting in Ukraine. He “has close ties to the former Slovak government and may be linked to Russian President Vladimir Putin,” the document says.

Stanislav Chemezov, son of the chairman of the defense giant Rostec, and Maya Bolotova, daughter of Nikolai Tokarev, head of the energy company Transneft.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, Russian First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov, actors Sergei Bezrukov and Vladimir Mashkov, as well as Russian proteges in the occupied territories of Ukraine, including the Russian-appointed mayors of Mariupol and Kherson.