The European Parliament will discuss a project to declare Russia as a country that promotes terrorism

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The motion for a resolution focuses on denouncing the more than 40,000 documented war crimes committed by the Russian Army, particularly the killings of Ukrainian civilians in places like Irpin, Bucha or Izium

The European Parliament will discuss a project to declare Russia as a country promoting terrorism< /p>The European Parliament in session, in Strasbourg, France, September 14, 2022. REUTERS/Yves Herman/File Photo

The European Parliamentis preparing to declare Russia a state promoter of terrorism, as announced by the MEP who drafted the resolution that will be put to the vote this Wednesday in the plenary session held in Strasbourg.

The resolution “recognizes Russia as a state promoting terrorism and as a state that uses terrorist means” , according to the MEP behind the drafting of the text, the Lithuanian conservative Andrius Kubilius, and parliamentary sources confirmed it to Europa Press.

This is the common formula agreed between the groups that will include the resolution proposal , which focuses on reporting the more than 40,000 documented war crimes allegedly committed by the Russian Army, in particular, the killings of Ukrainian civilians in places such as Irpin, Bucha or Izium.

The European Parliament will discuss a project to declare Russia a promoter of terrorism

Police work to identify civilians who died during the Russian occupation in Bucha, Ukraine , on the outskirts of kyiv (AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd, File)

Since the EU legal framework does not provide for the designation of countries as sponsors of terrorism, a scheme that does exist in the United States or Canada, the resolution calls on the Twenty-seven to take steps on their own to designate Russia and asks the EU as a whole to develop this mechanism to denounce countries using terrorist means, which would facilitate “numerous significant restrictive measures and have profound implications for the EU's relations with those countries”.

The negotiated proposal It did not have the support of the Social Democrats or the Greens, so it remains to be seen how much support the resolution finally receives. Parliamentary sources are confident that some MEPs from these formations will end up supporting the initiative this Wednesday despite the reluctance of their groups.

More sanctions on Russia and support for Ukraine

Furthermore, the resolution stresses that the EU continue to put pressure on Russia with theninth package of sanctionsin retaliation for his military offensive in Ukraine. Specifically, they are calling for a “total embargo” on imports of Russian hydrocarbons and uranium and to completely abandon the Nord Stream 1 and gas pipelines >2.

The European Parliament will discuss a project to declare Russia a country promoting terrorism

FILE PHOTO: A view of the Nord Stream 1 Baltic Sea pipeline and the transfer station of the Baltic Sea pipeline link in the industrial area of ​​Lubmin, Germany, August 30, 2022. REUTERS/Lisi Niesner

It also calls for tightening the siege on imports and attacking sectors such as diamonds and increasing sanctions against cryptocurrencies, as well as restrictions against the people responsible for referendums in the Russian-occupied regions of Ukraine, as well as designating Russia and Belarus on the European anti-money laundering list.

The proposal Demands changes in the EU sanctions mechanism for Human Rights violations so that they include cases of corruption, which can translate into expeditious sanctions against individuals behind corruption schemes in Russia and Belarus. The Twenty-seven are urged to include the Wagner Group and other Russian militias involved in the conflict on the EU's list of terrorist groups.

On support measures for Ukraine, the resolution calls on EU member states increasing “political, financial and military” support for kyiv in the midst of the Russian invasion war, as well as working on a compensation mechanism to deal with the damage caused by the Russian Army and facilitating the reconstruction of the country.

in Ukraine and in this way guarantee that there is accountability and responsibilities in the military offensive launched by Moscow on February 24, in addition to establishing a special court to judge Russian war crimes in the neighboring country.

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