The European Parliament announced the offensive of autocracy in Hungary

The European Parliament announced the offensive of autocracy in Hungary

The European Parliament announced the onset of autocracy in Hungary

Photo: Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban/facebook com orbanviktor

Hungary can no longer be considered democratic, and European values ​​are in systemic danger. This said in the report of the European Parliament.

MPs supported the resolution that the country under the leadership of Viktor Orban has become a “hybrid regime of electoral autocracy”, characterized by the collapse of democracy, fundamental rights and the rule of law


This resolution was supported by 81% of the members of the European Parliament present during the voting: 433 votes in favour, 123 – against and 28 – abstained.

In particular, members of parliament listed a number of problems in Hungary: from the functioning of the country's electoral system to judicial independence.

In addition, religious freedoms and the rights of vulnerable segments of the population are of concern.< /p>

There is also a high level of so-called “nepotism” and favoritism “at a high level of government”.

The European Commission also claims against the country in connection with the possible misuse of public funds to enrich figures close to the leading Fidesz party.

< p>While the vote has no practical effect, it does increase pressure on the EU authorities in Brussels not to pay Hungary billions of cash that are being held back by concerns about the country's high levels of corruption.

Expected to be on Sunday, September 18, the European Commission will recommend a significant reduction in the allocation of funds to Hungary, and will also give several months to eliminate shortcomings, in particular the adoption of anti-corruption laws. According to some reports, we are talking about a reduction in funding by 70%.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga