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The EU plans to limit the unlimited import of goods from Chinese marketplaces, – FT

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul4,2024

The EU plans to limit the unlimited import of goods from Chinese marketplaces, – FT : B The EU will put a price on goods from AliExpress

The European Commission this month sets a threshold of 150 euros, at which point Europeans can freely buy goods from outside the EU. This is reported by the Financial Times in its correspondence with the Republic of Dzherel,

According to the data of the European Commission, Turkey imported 2.3 billion goods worth less than 150 euros into the EU. Behind the bags is the import of goods purchased on online Maidans, exceeding 350 thousand. one, which is more outweighed by the current indicator.

As the newspaper’s supporters say, once the European Commission’s position is praised, the most likely to suffer from this approach are Thai online Maidans, such as AliExpress, Shein and Temu, celebrities often beg different and cheap goods.

Come in and buy all the stores that supply goods directly from across the EU. Ale Amazon, for example, is against sellers who are based in Europe.

A similar proposal was already formulated by the European Commission last year, but has not yet been considered. Now this entry will be registered until the commission's new warehouse is reviewed.

BAGNET I guess, With the minds of unlimited trade with Ukraine: what kind of exchange is the revenge of home ownership.

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