The EU has decided what to do with the “visa ban” for Russians

The EU has decided what to do with the “visa ban” for Russians

The European Union decided what to do with the "visa ban" for Russians

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Due to the full-scale invasion of Russia in Ukraine, entry into the EU under a simplified scheme for Russians will not be available. To get a short-stay visa, Russian citizens will have to pay more and endure additional bureaucracy, reports Bloomberg.

This decision was made as a compromise to mitigate differences between EU member states.

So, already on next week at a meeting of foreign ministers in Prague, the Czech Republic will propose to suspend visa facilitation agreements with Russia and Belarus. Thus, citizens of these countries will be able to apply for short-term entry as before, however, their processing time will be increased and expenses from 35 to 80 euros.

"Obtaining a European tourist visa – it is a privilege, not a human right”, – Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas told reporters in Tallinn.

According to her, these changes will primarily affect the Russian “elite” traveling from Moscow and St. Petersburg.

< em>“These are the people who have more influence on the ruling regime,” – Kallas explained.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga