The Espino brothers accepted the sincere confession in the investigation

The Espino brothers accepted the sincere confession in the investigation

Businessmen would have recognized before the Special Team of the prosecution that the work was directed by the president's sister-in-law and mayor of Anguía. Prosecutor will today request 36 months of preventive detention for Yenifer Paredes and José Medina.

Espino brothers they accepted a sincere confession in the investigation

Hermanos Espino were arrested on August 9 in Lima. As a result of their decision to submit to the investigations, the prosecution would not request preventive detention against them.

The Special Team of Prosecutors against the Corruption of Power has decided to present a request for 36 months of preventive detention against Yenifer Paredes, sister-in-law of President Pedro Castillo, and the mayor of the district from Anguía (Chota, Cajamarca), José Nenil Medina Guerrero. The request, indicated sources from El Comercio, would be formalized today before the court for both, since between today and tomorrow the ten days of preliminary detention issued against them expire.

Among the arguments put forward by the prosecutorial team, led by the senior prosecutor Marita Barreto, is the lack of collaboration of both Paredes and Medina when they are questioned at the headquarters of the Dircote (Lima Prefecture) while they are serving their arrest warrant. It is known, for example, that the mayor, very close to the president and some of his political advisers, refrained from giving any statement about his participation in the alleged criminal organization that he would integrate with the closest circle of the head of state.

Espino Brothers welcomed the honest-confession in investigation

Mayor of Anguia has been pointed out by the prosecution as one of the leaders of the criminal organization that President Castillo would lead.

The same would be happening with the president's sister-in-law, who, in addition, would have had threatening expressions against her custodians. Regarding Paredes, there is also the fact that he remained uninhabited for 24 hours (from the afternoon of Tuesday the 9th until the following day) when the prosecution and the PNP special team went to the residence of the Government Palace to carry out his arrest. preliminary. The Public Ministry handles the hypothesis that the relative of the president was hidden in one of the rooms of the Government House to avoid his arrest.

The Espinos speak

But, mainly, the special team of the prosecution considers that the investigation should go to the next stage, that is, to a preparatory investigation, due to the recent decision taken by the brothers Hugo and Anggi Espino Lucana, accused – together with the sister-in-law de Castillo– as figureheads of the alleged criminal group.

According to sources present at the Dircote interrogation, the Espino Lucana have decided to take advantage of the sincere confession (accepting their participation in the crime committed) and they would have recognized that Yenifer Paredes and Mayor Medina were behind the installation of the drinking water and basic sanitation system of more than S/3 million that they earned in Anguía. /p>

Hugo Espino told the authorities, as this newspaper learned, that the deposits he received on October 6 and 26 of last year (a total of S/90 thousand) by Walter and David Paredes (brothers of Yenifer) had been directed by their older sister, the first lady Lilia Paredes, to finance the aforementioned project.

When the sources were consulted about the value of these testimonies, the answer was that they corroborated the hypotheses they had in this investigation of alleged money laundering and criminal organization: that the work in Anguía was fraudulent and directed from the beginning.< /p>

Minor measure

Due to their willingness to submit to the investigation, the Espino brothers will be asked for a less serious measure than preventive detention. Unlike the youngest of the Paredes and the mayor, against whom they will be asked to spend the next 36 months in prison.

According to the thesis of the special team of prosecutors, the president's sister-in-law would be a figurehead in the alleged criminal network. She would have taken advantage of her influence in the Executive so that, through the company of her friend Hugo Espino, they could obtain large sums of money through fraudulent bids.

One ​​of them is the work in Anguía, which got its funds due to an emergency decree issued by the president in October 2021. The other work is one in the province of Cajatambo (Lima), which also won a company related to the Espinos last October for more than S/3.8 million. Similarly, there is a water and sanitation project in Chadín (Chota), also from 2021.