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The era of drones in Ukraine is changing the world defense industry

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul8,2024

The era of drones in Ukraine is changing the global defense industry

Global defense players must cooperate with small startups to keep up with innovations. Drones are being developed and manufactured extremely quickly in Ukraine. They are proven right on the battlefield.

Drones are manufactured in dozens of secret workshops in Ukraine. One of these works in the east. Ukrainian soldiers Bohdan and Vlad are hard at work on FPV. For this, they have a 3D printer to make the components. The Financial Times told how drones are changing the entire global defense industry.

The use of drones in the Russian-Ukrainian war has grown rapidly during full-scale hostilities. Bohdan says. that he showed the first FPV drone to foreign journalists in June 2022. Since then, there have been hundreds of manufacturers in Ukraine, and enterprises like Bohdan's and Vlad's are part of one of the most important branches of industry. Until February 24, 2022, there were 6 UAV manufacturers in Ukraine, and now — more than 200 capable of producing a million drones a year.

“In Kyiv, everyone you need to see – from an antenna manufacturer to a programmer or a [defense] official – works 20 minutes away from everyone else. Cycle development and implementation of new technologies is very, very short,” — says Lorenz Mayer, a representative of the American drone developer Auterion.

Thus, the rapid spread of powerful new technology on the battlefield is shaking up the established hierarchy of the global defense industry, which was dominated by large contractors. Weapons programs take years, sometimes decades, to develop and rely on large government budgets as well as large research and testing facilities. Ukraine demonstrates that the time to market and development is extremely fast.

“Instead of developing the perfect product, which can take many years, it is important to quickly create products that can be tested, modified and tested again . Speed ​​is of the essence,” — said Saab CEO Mikael Johansson.

Reconnaissance drones were first widely deployed by the US during the Vietnam War, after which other countries began to invest more in unmanned aerial technology. But it was the advent of cheap drones, often Chinese-made, combined with rapidly adaptable and increasingly AI-enabled software, that showed how UAVs could change the nature of warfare. The Armed Forces have a large arsenal of UAVs that help strike Russian targets.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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