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The ‘enterprise’ of craft shouldn’t be an oxymoron

The ‘enterprise’ of craft shouldn’t be an oxymoron

Award-winning Australian craftsman, Damien Wright, delivered a keynote on the current Making it Craft Symposium, hosted by Craft VIC.

Identified for his mix of Australian timbers, natural finishes and modern design, Wright says that in his working life, ‘craft has gone from a unclean phrase to an emblem of sustainability, connectedness and authenticity.’

Whereas we’ve seen a growth in numerous craft genres lately, particularly ceramics and a resurgence of textile artwork, 2020 has additionally introduced makers into the highlight, their observe extra conducive to social distancing, residence studios and the hyperlocal throughout the pandemic.


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Wright stated: ‘Neo liberalism divides manufacturing globally, the place everyone seems to be a procurer; Covid has confirmed the insecurity of that [model], and it has supplied a chance for the micro enterprise.’

He continued: ‘What the pandemic has executed is thrown an enormous problem to capitalist society about how they’re going to organise their materials tradition. I feel we stand an excellent likelihood of presenting ourselves, as craftspeople, as a very beneficial a part of a brand new economic system – an economic system that’s native – not simply native supplies, however native culturally, what this place means by means of supplies and observe.’

What a profession in craft would possibly imply at present

Wright works largely on a fee foundation to create furnishings and sculptures, usually in session with architects and designers.

He says that, ‘what you make, and the way you make it, should say one thing about you and our tradition.’ He works with Australian timbers.

‘The thought of a craft enterprise (that could be very a lot in inverted commas) is each apparent, in that it must be a [viable] enterprise, however additionally it is this mannequin of a working life that doesn’t match nicely right into a enterprise mannequin.’

‘What you make, and the way you make it, should say one thing about you and our tradition.’ 

– Damien Wright.

Wright describes what he does as completely reliant on making issues and promoting them. So how does he get the promoting half proper?

He stated that to outlive it’s a must to be all issues to all individuals, shifting simply out of your workshop scrubs to ‘flash store garments’. ‘We’re susceptible to descend into our personal making universe, however it’s a must to exit into the world and current your self and make connections to have a sustainable craft enterprise.’

The ‘enterprise’ of craft shouldn’t be an oxymoron

Swapping studio for enterprise apparel, Damien Wright says it’s a must to get on the market as a part of the job. Photograph screenshot Making it Craft Symposium.

What it means to be successful as a craft enterprise

Wright calls what he does a ‘petty capitalist craft enterprise’, which primarily means he doesn’t receives a commission except wooden goes out the door.

He has run his Northcote studio for 25 years. ‘I want to assume my longevity suggests I’m profitable,’ he stated, however added that he has come to that in a round-about manner.

‘To arrange a craft observe, and to think about it’s a enterprise, it’s a must to come clean with the structural nature of what you’ll be able to obtain. It took me a very long time to type this out. It will have been higher if I had executed it earlier,’ stated Wright.

He was speaking about recognising the distinction between what you assume is vital, and what shoppers assume is vital and sells.

‘I’ve at all times privileged what I needed to do. However you get to a degree in your life whenever you realise you have got devoted your life to a observe and you aren’t going to receives a commission for it the way in which you’d in one other career, and that may destroy loads of artist and craftspeople. It’s a very vexed idea,’ Wright defined.

He stated the choice to a craft enterprise is a vocation. ‘Assume by means of a vocational lens; that’s you might be doing it since you need to do it – it’s a part of you – and also you need to attempt to separate your self from the place of capitalism.’

‘You need to worth what you do as a maker – that’s what I name successful,’ Wright added.

‘For those who take a capitalist logic to craft you might be in large bother. You need to worth what you do as a maker – that’s what I name successful.’

– Damien Wright.

After learning artwork and politics, Wright graduated into the final recession with scant likelihood of a job. So he began making furnishings.

‘That was first time I by means of about craft; I didn’t actually perceive it as a profession,’ he stated. ‘However I realised in my early 20s that I needed to be actually good at it. I spent the subsequent 20 years in a bunker working to determine a enterprise. I turned my again on a extra bourgeois or managerial life. And I simply constructed it, and constructed it.’

Wright believes his arts diploma was crucial to his enterprise success as a result of it gave him crucial considering.

‘Essential considering is what issues as a result of it’s ‘the why’. The world of broadcasting has allowed us to pump out ‘the how’ – anybody can be taught the how. The thriller is why. If you are able to do that, then the viewers in your work will increase.’

Compartmentalising your observe

Wright stated the important thing to a craft enterprise mannequin is to know the varied marketplaces in your work.

‘I solely bought my head round it the final couple of years – you will need to perceive – to see your work interact in a multiplicity of marketplaces.’

Wright is speaking in regards to the psychological separation of fee work, manufacturing work and exhibition work, ‘and apportion time and sources to every of them.’

‘Exhibitions prices you cash. [They] don’t stand as much as the scrutiny of small enterprise, however they join you to a market that provides worth to your work. For those who reject that, it’s a good distance again. My recommendation is to proceed exhibiting,’ he stated.

Wright rejected the industrial gallery sector for many of his profession – saying he had an epiphany at one in every of his exhibitions wanting across the room and realising that nobody was going to purchase something.

He solely returned to displaying up to now two years. He stated it’s sound observe to construct into your corporation construction an exhibition platform that doesn’t depend on promoting, holding your ‘craft enterprise’ streamlined to the facet.

Make no illusions – craft is a troublesome enterprise

‘I ask individuals to persevere. If you’re 51 [like me] and have a longtime observe then individuals respect what you do. That’s totally different to a 31-year previous looking for their worth level. It’s a little bit of retail, little bit of gig economic system, and that’s arduous.’

He continued: ‘However in case you can survive by means of this second, the brand new economic system can be extra native and can need you.’

Wright  believes {that a} future in craft enterprise additionally lies in collaboration with Indigenous makers. ‘Crafts individuals and Indigenous individuals will be capable of discover a manner of speaking about being on this nation by means of supplies …Craft is permeable frontier, and a method to de-polarise this nation and discover a language overlap by means of is thru craft collaborations. 

‘That’s actually thrilling and actually vibrant, and we’ve to seize these moments,’ stated Wright. ‘We have to set up ourselves as a rustic who can have a look at materials making, and the way it’s used as a part of our difficult perceive of who we’re. [This is critical] to craft – and the place we are actually as an business – and what which may imply within the subsequent interval of our careers and output.’

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Wright acknowledges that the craft sector has needed to battle to be valued and heard. ‘We have now needed to reframe ourselves as designers – I’m a designer and a maker – however I very a lot really feel the burden of the business has moved behind design, and craft is seen as a part of broader procurement platform for design. I object to that profoundly.’

‘Craft isn’t one of many many decisions that design can have,’ he continued. ‘Craft is of itself a factor that people do, and organisations [need to] see that and signify us and acquire us,.’

‘Your future and our future is within the handmade.’

– Damien Wright.

Wright’s considering is that our arts organisations are, ‘blind for a lot of causes: they battle with somebody who has each an mental life and a guide life. These are usually not new arguments, they have been had within the 70s… We have to keep the id of craft.’

So, his recommendation is, ‘you want to stand up sooner than anybody else; you want to work more durable than everybody else. It’s so good to see what you make and assume, “fuck I made that”, and that papers over all of the indignities – perhaps that’s simply pure self-importance – however what it’s a must to honour is that you simply need to make stuff and your future and our future is within the handmade.’

The Making it Craft digital symposium was offered by Craft VIC, February 2020.

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