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The enemy has plans to occupy two important settlements, – analysts

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May19,2024

The enemy plans to occupy two important settlements, - analysts

Russians need places Chasiv Yar і Vovchansk.

As indicated by the ISW, the Russian troops recently intensified their efforts from the burying of the operationally important place of Chasiv Yar, facing attacks in the evening of the Kharkov region This gathering of Ukraine and putting greater pressure on the Defense Forces of Ukraine.

Based on the analyzed data, the occupiers did not achieve significant tactical successes in the Chasovoy Yar area after carrying out a company mechanized assault on the similar outskirts of the place on the 4th quarter and did not conduct similar mechanized assaults near in this area until the 17th quarter.

After the assault on the 4th quarter there was an intensification of Russian offensive operations near Chasovoy Yar and recent Russian mechanized assaults in this area are likely to indicate a covert intensification of Russian efforts from the dumping this place.

The analіtika is to be attached to the operational points of the zoa for the payroll є Important the clock of the clock tier, the desiccable of the tie was forgotten by the Rosieki Vigidni positions for the advanced advanced surgical operations on Kostyantinivka I friendly & ndash; place, which establishes a vital part of the Ukrainian defense belt, which is the basis of Ukraine’s defense in the Donetsk region.

In addition, the Russians are immediately giving priority to the buried Vovchanska, around the city, However, one of the tactical goals of the first phase of offensive operations on nights of the Kharkiv region, which were lost.

The Russian military command, most likely, chose the burial of Vovchanska as one of the key tactical objectives of the first phase of the offensive operation in the Kharkov region, the area with the largest population a point directly on the cordon, which would provide the Russian troops with a bridgehead close to the Russian front for the preparation of another phase of the Russian offensive operation.

Prote, say experts, it is unclear whether the other phase of the Russian offensive operation in the Kharkiv region will be the priority of Russia's operational aim – expand the “buffer zone” vdovzh cordon, chi operational meta of Russia – penetrate within the effective range of the artillery to Kharkov and its outskirts.

Russian troops can also transfer the upcoming phase of the offensive operation from Vovchanska, which may penetrate to the Great Bur onions, in order to create a threat to the operational strength of the Ukrainian grouping, as defends directly on Kupyansky.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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