The encrypted code of the nation: what do the patterns and colors on the embroidery

The importance of symbolism in the embroidery

Anastasia Ocheretnyuk

Today, may 21, Ukraine celebrates the Day of embroidery. It is not just the ethnicity item of clothing or a stylish addition to the wardrobe, and the whole property of the nation, which carries a deeper meaning than just a fashion trend.

Embroidered Cockerel, viburnum, red poppies or any other ornaments pose a coded message of our ancestors, who used the shirts as a talisman. So before you buy such a special thing, you need to understand the meaning of the symbolism on the shirt or dress.

Even color matters

Red embroidery symbolizes happiness, prosperity and fun. And wore such shirts or dresses young girls who brought their beauty a joy for others.

Зашифрованный код нации: что означают узоры и цвета на вышиванках

The element of traditional clothing in Ukraine

Of course, white is the color of happiness and bright events, making embroidery in these colors are considered to be festive. And most interesting is that the actual fabric 2020 – len – was not recognized by our ancestors. It was believed that the people in the shirts of such material is poor.

Зашифрованный код нации: что означают узоры и цвета на вышиванках


Black embroidery, as you can guess, symbolized sorrow and grief. Our ancestors wore it to the funeral, but in some regions the shirt with black embroidery was worn by older men. There is also an opinion that black color embroidery – a symbol of fertility and procreation.

Sky-blue – a symbol of purity, so often they wore girls before marriage. A saturated blue color was considered the most powerful charms of man. Yellow – protects the third chakra, the solar plexus, the centre of vital energy.

Зашифрованный код нации: что означают узоры и цвета на вышиванках

Embroidered shirt Varenyky Fashion

Also see the video, some embroidery popular among Ukrainians:

What is the meaning of flowers and plants on an embroidered shirt


Flowers in the Ukrainian symbolism can also serve as a guardian! Yes, this ornament looks nice, but it’s not just. For example, in Kalina is a deep meaning is a symbol of motherhood, where the hive – mother, and berries – children.Before these shirts were worn only by married women, children are not allowed.

Red poppies

No less important are considered and red poppies, which are often embroidered Ukrainian costumes. Many do not even suspect that, in addition to beauty, poppies are a sad symbol of the war. When the family was killed a man at the front, his wife or daughter were sewn on a shirt red poppies. Over time, this tradition has acquired an additional meaning in our time now it’s not only a symbol of war, but protection from the evil eye.

Зашифрованный код нации: что означают узоры и цвета на вышиванках

Ukrainian embroidery


The grapes in our days is less common. At the time this ornament was considered a symbol of prosperity and wealth in the family. In addition, they applied exclusively purple thread.

Geometric shapes – encrypted

Only Ukrainian embroidery, there are three kinds of shapes: geometrical, vegetal and zoomorphic (animals).

Diamond shape with a dot inside – the symbolism of the wedding for the groom and a sign of fertility. And for brides on shirts or dresses embroidered cross or the letter X (the symbol of the harvest).

Also women are straight lines, snakes, signs of water in the form of a spiral or waves. This is considered as a symbol of fertility and motherhood.

Зашифрованный код нации: что означают узоры и цвета на вышиванках


Earlier we told you how to look stylish in embroidery, as well as celebrated the Day embroidered 2020 during the quarantine.

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