The employees of the Fonderie de Bretagne want to oppose the officialization of the sale by Renault

September 13, 2021 by archyde

After two weeks of mobilization at the Fonderie de Bretagne in Caudan near Lorient, around 150 employees began to demonstrate around 6.30 am in front of the sub-prefecture of Morbihan in Lorient.

According to France Bleu, they lit tires and pallets with the aim of preventing the company’s social and economic committee from being held this afternoon. This CSE must officially record the sale of the Morbihan site.

La Fonderie de Bretagne was put up for sale by the Renault group in early March. According to the CGT, no buyer has come forward. Employees fear being abandoned by the French automotive group without any solution being found for their future.

After two weeks of mobilization, the unions refuse to participate in this meeting which will determine the future for the 350 employees of this site. “We are starting our third week of struggle, nothing happens”, according to the unions, adding: “The management of Renault continues to trace its path by wanting to separate from the Foundries of Brittany, it must formalize it today through the CSE which must be held. We don’t want this CSE, we want to stay in the Renault group. “

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Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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