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XS 3P The emotional inheritance, not material, of Enrique San Francisco - The Times Hub

The emotional inheritance, not material, of Enrique San Francisco

The emotional inheritance, not material, of Enrique San Francisco

Enrique, Quique , San Francisco was a down-to-earth person and actor. Of those who said to bread, bread and wine, wine and was not dodging answers to avoid always being politically correct. When he died this Monday, at the age of 65, from necrotizing pneumonia, a rare lung infection that was complicated by bacteria, he had nothing material to bequeath beyond his books. However, the richness of his emotional inheritance has been clearly reflected in the love and feeling that the tributes that his colleagues and friends are paying him in television programs, personal comments and on social networks distilled.

It could be or not agree with him, but Quique San Francisco was a type that did not leave indifferent . He could say almost what he wanted without disturbing a conversation inevitably flooded with tacos – they were part of his idiosyncrasy – because he was accompanied by the wit, his unmistakable voice, that face that he himself affirmed was of "an ugly one of the manual" and the retard that it caused his interlocutors to lay fallow even their most extreme opinions. Some of his latest controversies related to politics and politicians were missing to understand before condemning the ironic and controversial context of the actor, who claimed to be "fed up with fundamentalists of all stripes" and with "collective censorship" .

In the world of Enrique San Francisco, unconditional friendship worked around a beer, companionship rather than cronyism and knowing how to laugh at himself even knowing that others would make him the object of their criticism. The chronicles after his death have reported that he had nothing to his name despite having enjoyed a long professional career and contracts that could have ensured a more peaceful existence from the economic point of view. He left home before being forced by the embargo that weighed on her as he himself explained a couple of years ago when he went to a Saturday Deluxe program . There he also said that he acknowledged being a bit of a disaster but that his agents had also had to do with his financial ruin. In it there was no lack of a request from the Treasury of which the amount has never been known. After leaving his home, he settled in the Princesa de Éboli de Pinto aparthotel, a town located 25 kilometers from Madrid, and there with all the naturalness he invited the famous diners of the program Come to dinner with me: Gourmet Edition , one of the last television formats in which it participated

But everything that was missing in the checking account, he had more than enough friends. There have been many who have wanted to remember him and the words friend, dear, faithful to his convictions, great, brave have been present in the majority. Lolita Flores circumspectly entered the funeral home to say goodbye to "her adoptive brother," and came out laughing because remembering him with her loved ones caused that effect. The actress Emma Suárez, the singer Ana Belén or Beatriz Rico also arrived there, but the restrictions imposed by the pandemic have left many saying goodbye from their homes or from social networks. Antonio Banderas, Macarena García, Vicky Larranz, Pedro Ruíz, Ángel Martín, Toni Cantó, Fernando Sánchez Dragó, Iker Jiménez, Adolfo Suárez Jr., Dani Martínez, Pancho Varona, Inés Arrimadas are some of the well-known names that have reflected their feelings for the loss of that man to whom the singer Alejandro Sanz thanks for having given us something very valuable "laughs and more laughs" .

But there are two friends who portray him at his farewell. One of them is Lolita Flores, the older sister of her soulmate, the singer-songwriter Antonio Flores: “So many times, so many talks, so many laughs, brother, yes, because you were an adoptive brother of affection, complicity, teaching, a genius to live and drink life, a genius to step on the stage, as if you were wearing two columns in your shoes, when you stepped on it it was yours, and hence there was no Samson to move you, a genius of affection towards mine, and my brother 26 years waiting for you. You are already gone, but not completely, you leave us your essence, your desire to always laugh, and take away the iron from the most bitter and sad. I'm going to miss you, a lot. Give hugs in that heaven of yours from me, to all those who wait for you, here on earth kissing and hugging is screwed, there you have it easier. I love you, Enrique, you are loved and admired by my entire family, which is yours. ”

The other was Pablo Motos, who after starting El Hormiguero last Monday dancing and with a smile on his face as he spoke, spoke a few dedicated words to his friend who could sum up the sentiment of many: “I have to start with very sad news. This afternoon my friend Enrique San Francisco died and I want to talk about him. Enrique taught me to be on stage, he taught me to survive in Madrid, he taught me to understand artists, and he also taught me to what extent a person can be free. A person can go to work, have a schedule, obey your boss or not, and Enrique didn't feel like it and since he was free he chose to live on the wild side of life. Those of us who were close to him were never bored, sometimes he had no money, sometimes they took the power off, sometimes he got into trouble, but if you asked him how he was he would always say 'I'm always fine'. Enrique was a genius and a sage. (…) Enrique's house was always full of people, sometimes very doubtful and very dangerous, but he told me: 'You have to meet people from all over Pablo, I don't need to have a boat like you, just a friend have a boat. ' Money was not his strong suit either, but we all felt a weakness for him, he would come in there and steal your heart forever. Enrique was noble, he was a good person, supportive and he was very brave because in front of him an injustice was never committed, he did not care about losing his job or getting into a fight. During all these years I have not met anyone who has crossed paths with Enrique and then does not tell you an amazing story. There are actors to whom life gives prizes, to Enrique it gave him freedom, adventure and an indestructible body and spirit ”.

Many people without unknown surnames have echoed her death, others have criticized those who seem to have been happy with her for expressing their political ideas at a time when sectarianism and tension seem to have taken over opinions. Enrique would pass all of them and almost certainly would have invited a cane for having caught the point of an anonymous Twitter user who has fired him with this comment: “He lived as it came out of the very balls. If there is a heaven for the free, let them put a cane on it as soon as they arrive. ”

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