'The ELN delegation will be large': Iván Cepeda gave details about the dialogues with the guerrillas

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Speculation about the characters that will make up this group is massive, however, the details will be officially released by the national government

‘The ELN delegation will be large’: Ivñ ;logos with the guerrilla

The ELN guerrilla will once again focus on the table with the National Government. REUTERS/Federico Ríos

In Colombia there is wide expectation about what could happen with the ELN guerrillas, since since the arrival of President Gustavo Petro to power, there has been speculation about the progress of the dialogues of peace with said insurgent group. The table could be installed in the coming weeks, and details are clearly awaited, a situation that was revealed by Senator Iván Cepeda.

The congressman of the Historical Pact becomes one of the fundamental pieces for these dialogues, since he has always been characterized as a central spokesman in spaces for dialogues and peace conciliation, in addition to having made an insistent call for several months for the resumption of the dialogues.

Thus, Cepeda spoke on Blu Radioon the subject and showed positivity about it. Initially, there has been speculation about several personalities and insurgents who could sit at the table, however, there is still no confirmation about these, what is known so far is that it will be a large delegation with a history of dialogue, which even participated in the Havana 2016 agreements.

Faced with the attendance, the lobbyist stated:

“So far what I have is preliminary information, I know that it is a delegation that seems to be large and in which there are people who were already in the first cycle that was done under the government of former president Juan Manuel Santos, but from then on I don't know more details.”

Likewise, he pointed out that the list of people who will arrive at the place where the dialogues take place will only be made known by the official officials, who would eventually be appointed by the official Colombian delegation and the rest of the table. Clearly, there is talk of the attendance of some people with an extensive judicial record.

“It has not yet been defined, and as has been repeatedly stated, I want to explain that all the decisions that they are taken with process relations, negotiations and dialogues, they will be taken at the table and between the two parties”, he said.

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For the progress of the protocol processes, a series of conditions and requirements have been met by the parties in question, since it has not been a simple context, in addition, it has advanced in an accelerated manner since the possession of President Gustavo Petro, who recently completed his first 100 days in office.

According to what Cepeda stated in the aforementioned media, there would be a few days left to announce the shortlist that will attend the dialogues on behalf of both parties.

“We are very close to announcing them, because As they had said on October 4, as of the first week of this month of November, it could already be considered that the conditions were met. And it is that the necessary tasks and conditions have been met and I see that this is happening.”

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In the same way, the military and ex-military will play a fundamental role in this process, however, the moment in which they will enter into the dynamics of dialogue and debate.

“Indeed, the military will be involved in the process, but it is necessary to determine in which instances, and, obviously, it will be the president and the Minister of Defense, who need such details”, he stated.