The elected president of the Czech Republic said that Ukraine should receive all weapons except nuclear

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Czech president-elect says Ukraine should get all but nuclear weapons

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Pyotr Pavel believes that there should be “no restrictions” on military assistance to Ukraine in countering Russian aggression; and the West should provide Ukraine with all types of weapons except nuclear, which he said in an interview with AFP.

“As for conventional weapons, I really see no reason for any restrictions. Ukraine cannot fight such a strong adversary without armored technology, unmanned aerial vehicles, artillery and long-range missiles, but perhaps without supersonic aircraft,” he added.

The Czech president-elect pointed out that ” “some countries take a somewhat reserved stance” for the supply of modern weapons. “If we take a unified stand, it will give us a better chance of success. We must act in unity on these matters,” he said.

“We must provide Ukraine with every means to help it push out the Russian army. It is important to show constant support for Ukraine, to emphasize all the good things and the desire to continue our initiative. I think this is what Ukraine needs to hear,” Pavel emphasized.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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