The elected president expressed his opinion on the idea that Iván Duque has supported from the beginning.

The elected president expressed his opinion on the idea that Iván Duque has supported from the beginning.

In the midst of his daily hustle and bustle, President-elect Gustavo Petro has been contemplating various sports issues.

This is Gustavo Petro's cabinet of ministers Gustavo Petro goes on vacation after leaving the joint ready

First of all, for the configuration of his cabinet Three big names appear on the rattle for candidates for the Ministry of Sports:

Carlos González Puche: executive director of the Colombian Association of Professional Soccer Players (Acolfutpro).
< br>–María Isabel Urrutia: the first Colombian athlete to win Olympic gold.

Javier Suárez Alonso: current deputy director of the District Recreation Institute of Sport of Bogotá, who was also the head of this same entity at the time when Petro was mayor of Bogotá.

Waiting for an announcement on this matter, the biggest echo of Petro's position regarding sport has to do with an idea that surprised us at the beginning of the year and still seems to be taking off: Formula 1 in Barranquilla. Especially because, from the outset, his opinion is diametrically opposed to that of the outgoing president, Iván Duque.

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Will there be Formula 1 in Barranquilla?

The president-elect expressed his opinion on the idea that Iván Duque has supported from the beginning.

The idea of ​​Formula 1 in Barranquilla was shared in January by President Duque and the mayor of the city, Jaime Pumarejo .

“Dreams, as a team, we are capable of making them come true. Mayor Pumarejo says that there is an option to present a project to have a Formula One circuit. That seems far away, but the mayor has already been in talks with the Formula One team,” President Duque said on that occasion.

“There are twenty-two cities in the world that can say they have a Formula 1 circuit. These circuits are attended by 320,000 spectators in three days; they spend an average of 600 dollars a day and travel from more than 100 countries. 60 thousand international tourists enter in an (average) period of 10 days. That is almost doubling the number of international visitors who come to the Atlantic in three days and in a single event”, Pumarejo explained at the time.

President Duque, in a show of support, pointed out: We support Mayor Jaime Pumarejo's dream that Barranquilla be linked to the Formula 1 circuit calendar with a Grand Prix in Colombia, which would bring enormous economic and tourist benefits to the city. Count on our support” .

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Although many things are missing for tourist revenues from the supposed Grand Prix to be as Pumarejo said in his initial statement, things seem to be taking more and more shape. Especially since the slogan of the campaign 'Come Live Barranquilla, Live Atlantic', an initiative of the department and its capital, has recently been seen on stages such as the Bogotá International Book Fair and circuits in which is run by the young driver Nicolas Baptiste, who competes in the European Regional Formula.

The president-elect expressed his opinion on the idea that Iván Duque has supported from the beginning.

Although there is still no greater knowledge of the role that the public administration will have in the project, the president-elect Gustavo Petro was questioned by journalist Felipe Reyes on the matter.

“What do you think of Formula 1 in Barranquilla? Yes or no?”Reyes asked.

Petro, after letting out a slight smile, replied:

“First we have to solve hunger. Without solving hunger, what we would have is like an insult to the poorest society”.

“Solving hunger, Formula 1, 2, 3, whatever you want”, concluded today's president-elect.

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So far there is no more information about the Formula 1 project in Barranquilla.

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