The eksnarechna Nickname Panettiere rose, like a 7-row donka asks about Putin

The eksnarechna Nickname Panettiere rose, like a 7-row donka asks about Putin

Eksnarechen Nickname Panettiere rozpovila, like a 7-row donka asking about Putin

Ukrainian boxer Volodymyr Klitschka has been named, American actor Gayden Panettiere has shared, why don't you donka that artist is helping Ukraine. shared that the 7th river donka Kaya-Evdokiya was going through the cordon at once.

Recently, Panettiere had previously known that alcohol and drug addiction was low; p>

That actor, who went through serious therapy, needs an hour for Kaєyu -Єvdokієyu.

“We were lucky that we could raise the price a lot. Vaughn is a happy child, vіdkrit majestic world. And there is more love in her, there is no one else, whom I, if anything, have chiseled & # 8221;, & # 8211; said Panettiere, write to People.

So the actor dedicated a good mission to herself – near the birch tree she opened the charitable fund Hoplon International, which is engaged in collecting money for the support of Ukraine. Panettiere knew that for the її 7th river of war in Ukraine – the pain of food:

& # 8220; I had a rozmov with her, and a single question, like it was in her: & # 8220; Tse is so unselfish”, – Hayden knew.

Vona shared that she constantly changed her language to her alias Volodymyr Klitschok, and knew that a leather copy from the fund was just going to the forefront in Ukraine:

“І Volodymyr, and I pratsyuєmo plіch-o-plіch. Vin that Vitaliy Klitschko on earth are fighting for their country. Shorazu, if I can smell his voice, or I’ll take a reminder of him, it’s easier & # 8221;, & # 8211; the actor was recognized.