The Egyptian Sphinx flattening its eyes: fake photo, prophecy of what is the advertising campaign?

The Egyptian Sphinx flattening its eyes: fake photo, prophecy of what is the advertising campaign?

All tourist news faded away before him, having flattened his eyes … the Egyptian Sphinx, the most recent pyramid in Giza. A photo of a 20-meter statue of the Sphinx, which closed its eyes, as it has a reputation as the most mysterious on the planet, flew around the whole world. And it was not only the Egyptians, but also tourists from different lands of Europe and America who brought them. Wasn't the Sphinx so exhausted that he flattened his eyes?

Egyptian Sphinx with squashed eyes: photo fake, prophecy chi ad?

The Sphinx of Gizi is described as “instigated, born of Typhon and Echidna”, with woman’s breasts, the body of a lion, wings of a bird and the guise of Pharaoh Khafre.” 73 m base, 20 meters high and 19 meters wide were built around 2558-2531. to the sound e.

But it’s clear that if the Sphinx flattened his eyes, then tse to bіdi! A guide from Gizi rose, that near the capital of Egypt you can sing a richly crinkled

  • The whole dedication about the eyes of the Sphinx was written on the wall of the temple of Khafre.
  • But what is written there?
  • Like a Sphinx, having flattened its eyes, all the soldiers of the pharaoh will flow at the shelter and never turn around. Turn around, and the people will be impoverished.
  • Win not just shut them up?
  • You see the photos and videos. With different people from different countries.

The enigmatic statue in the pictures is dreaming of sleeping, although in our time computer technology is possible. Let me think about those who in the world have such an all-encompassing and mass discussion. It’s a bit hot at the edge and something is spitting; but everything is about that – why did the Sphinx turn up in front of people? Old-time Indian astrologers tell fortunes about those who have statues with a change of position, or closed their eyes – a sign of the end of the world that is approaching. Arabic Sufis respect that the Sphinx, having become the defender of its own land and the end of the world of Egypt, will be the only safe place for all people.

Could it be that the Egyptian tourism industry has launched a “sphinxovirus”, which can be brought before the high season? On the smoldering fall of the tourist flow in the Pyramid of Ukraine, a new miracle of the world at Giza appeared unexpectedly. If you want to perekonatisya, scho Sphinx to sleep and then bring it to rest. Ale meti reached – for receipts cherga. The Ministry of Old Ages, which oversees the functions of the Ministry of Tourism of Egypt, will recount the situation that this reminder has gone to sleep. Received the stench found out that from different countries they send proof of the presence of photomontage on the numerical signs of the Sphinx.

Same on the topicIn Egypt, one treasure of ancient bronze statues and sarcophagi was found

The Minister of Antiquities of Egypt denied that the statue raptom flattened its eyes and all the photographs in these images were false: looking at the closed eyes of the legendary statue, one can explain the change of angle or illumination. “Behind the words of the dzherel from the Ministry of Old Life, the image of the sphinx was like a drink through this image from the hood to the sun. Through the weak camera, no yoga guise was shown, through which the image looked like this. “Through the filthy camera of yogo figure, the appearances were ensnared.”

  • However, if you have taken a photograph of the statue under the song’s hood, for which eyes of the Sphinx are made to be closed.
  • On the minds of anonymity commenting on the archeological report of Gizi on the minds of anonymity.
  • They lied like a meme!
  • In detective novels, they say, joke the person who sees it. I don't care for you.
  • We welcome those who want to get ahead of the world in such an accessible way for great people. Aje wiser, don’t move the skils, skip half of their calls. Mysticism suffocates all and at once.

This fact can be considered irrelevant, and tse nashtovhuє on the celebration of the history of the “ruhіv” of the ancient Egyptian pyramids. Why didn’t she collapse at four in the evening in her thousandth of years?

Yakshcho viriti Merezhi, ya remember everything and remember more, the Sphinx has a relapse. And in the past century, wines have already encouraged people and inspired them. And all the psychics of all lands knew in the curse of the pharaohs the encoded message about the war, natural disasters and other “Armageddons”. Tim is not smaller, but we are still here, and today’s American clairvoyant is already telling us that “the structures of ancient disputes, like records of centuries of history, carry information about the past of the future.”

Psychologist Mihailo Trifonov to bring respect to those, if he himself “grabs” the people of the Sphinx. Live in the most stressful periods of history, if the revolution of the world began – 1914 (the beginning of the First World War), 1939 (the peak of the popularity of fascism), the beginning of the 80s (the threat of nuclear vibukh), the end of the 90s (the rise of international terrorism) 2013 rec. Light from trembling checks of prophecies Nostradamus threw light. For the first time, similar “sphinxoids” were initiated, the difference was less in scale. Zahіdnі psychologists navіt mayut such a specialization, like a mass hysteria z drive like a mystical history, stink well “pandemії zabobonіv”. Given the fact that the greater the geography and the intensity of the sphincter, the less we feel the people are being robbed. Nebaiduzhі publish photos from the day of the night at the statue. The first one, which is a terrible sign and a sign of the near apocalypse. Tsі astrologers sing that the Sphinx has defended its land with such a rank, that there will be important hours, and Egypt will become the safest place.

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