The Ecuadorian player has been the center of controversy before the World Cup.

Ecuador beats the World Cup in Qatar, but has not escaped the controversy that has been generated since the end of the South American qualifiers , on behalf of the player Byron Castillo.

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Well, while Fifa confirmed to Chile that on September 15 the player must go to give a statement, after the complaint that questioned his nationality, another controversy runs through the < b> social networks.

Byron at the Panini

The new controversy has to do with the release of the traditional Panini album of the World Cup.

There was great expectation among collectors and fans in case the Byron Castillo figurine was going to appear, after all the controversy and before the doubts about whether or not he would be in the final call of DT Gustavo Alfaro.

There were versions on networks that indicated that the company had eliminated the player's trading cards, while the memes were making fun of the Chileans, who are still fighting for Administrative route.

Well, the mystery is over and the fans have already begun to rotate Byron's figurine, which is indeed on the album.

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In this way, Ecuadorians and Chileans are still in rivalry because of this situation that arose with the footballer. The taunts come and go.


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