The DT of the National Team announced calls for friendlies. 

The DT of the National Team announced calls for friendlies. 

The coach of the Colombian National Team, the Argentine Néstor Lorenzo, announced his squad list for friendly games to be held this month against Guatemala and Mexico.

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After two months of observation, a microcycle with the goalkeepers of the local media and announcing that He will also hold two meetings, in October, with more soccer players from the Colombian League, Lorenzo released his first official list, with players from the international media.

Lorenzo's words

The DT of the Selection announced summoned for friendlies. 

Colombia has two friendly matches on its agenda against Guatemala (September 24) and Mexico (September 27).

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< b>James: “James has given a lot to Colombian soccer. We talked and I noticed that he wanted to be there and give himself fully to the National Team. He convinced me. At the beginning of a process it is important to have players with that commitment and that desire. I'm happy with the change because he's going to be happy”.

“You can give a lot at the beginning of a process. Young people need trust and time. And there are others like James, Cuadrado, Ospina, Falcao who are natural leaders who can help us on and off the pitch. There is the criterion of arming the group with a winning mentality. Marcelo Roffe is coming as a sports psychologist.”

“I see him as a three-quarter court player, he's very precise there. We saw his last 10 national team games and he has been decisive in terms of passes given, sectors, precise centers, goal situations…

Ruiz: “We can't compare Ruiz with James. There are some players who have given a lot. He has conditions, I like him. But I can't carry 40.

Cuadrado: “I'll leave it on hold, it's not like I'm going to be a midfielder…”

Llinás: “Of those I know with qualifying rounds and world championships like Davinson and Yerry, injured; We believe that renewal is needed in that area of ​​​​the field and we are looking at options. Andrés has interesting things for the position.”

Falcao: “Today it is important inside and outside. It will depend on its actuality and performance. It is important that it is there”.

The DT of the National Team announced calls for friendlies.&nbsp;

Luis Díaz:“He is reaching more through the middle, even through that part of the area, he is versatile and can be in different sectors, we are going to try to surround him so that the operation makes him better, the weight backpack is not going to fall on him”.

Experienced: “The idea is to help consolidate young people. To leave their legacy. The process takes time.”

Captain and module :“We haven't decided. It will be among the leaders. The module, 4-3-3 with variants in the defensive and attacking stops. That's where the primary idea comes from. It's flexible. a compact team.

Objective: “A competitive group, protagonist, that goes for everything everywhere. It is our vision. It takes work, time. I expect an extreme attitude. That is the line for the players: let them go for everything.”

Goalkeepers: “We have an experienced coach, we talk about the details in each case. Álvaro is in a good moment. Álvaro is the right one at the moment “.

Montero, expulsion:“He was wrong, we discussed it, he wasn't a cheat either, it was instinctive. He knows he was wrong. But time must be used.”

The DT of the National Team announced calls for friendlies.&nbsp;

Microcycle:“We suspended one in September because dates were rescheduled. We had to suspend. We're going to see if we can have a friendly to see them in action, against a national team. We're going to try to have more microcycles.”

Quintero's absence: “It was a muscle problem in the adductor and he has 7 more days of treatment. He was not going to arrive in good condition. Zapata is injured, Campaz, Yerry. others who do not have a visa”.

Absence of Jhon Arias: “He doesn't have a visa”.

Millionaires Players: “I know that it is an issue that It's better to postpone the game, I don't know… Hopefully an agreement is reached that doesn't harm anyone”.

Pëkerman: “Don't talk to José before coming, yes before. Grateful to him for trusting me.”

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