The driver of a mobile app was murdered while on a trip with 3 passengers in Santiago de Chile

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The incident took place in the Bellas Artes neighborhood. The criminals would have fired about twenty shots

The driver of a mobile app was murdered while on a trip with 3 passengers in Santiago, Chile


Cristián Torresfrom Santiago, Chile

The driver of a mobile app was murdered while on a trip with 3 passengers in Santiago de Chile

The driver of a mobile app was shot and murdered transportation in the center of the Chilean capital

The driver of a mobile passenger transportation application was killed while driving with passengers, in the Bellas Artes sector, in the heart of the Chilean capital. The attack left three people injured.

The shooting occurred at the intersection of Mosqueto and Monjitas streets, where a vehicle with four people inside was circulating. It involved a driver using a mobile app and three passengers, who would have boarded the vehicle in the Bellavista neighborhood, the epicenter of bohemian life in Santiago and close to Bellas Artes. In the aforementioned place, the occupants of two cars trapped the first vehicle, firing repeatedly at it.

The driver was helped by personnel from the Chilean Police, who took him to the former Posta Central, where the health personnel could not save his life despite all their efforts.

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According to listeners of the program El Trasnoche de la Radio, at least 20 shots were fired at the scene.< /p>

The Prosecutor Javier Mayer confirmed this morning that, indeed, a man was murdered and three other people were injured after criminals fired repeatedly at a car belonging to a transport application, for reasons that are still unknown.

''This is an event that occurs around 02:30 in downtown Santiago, when a passenger transport vehicle was circulating with four passengers and there are two vehicles that approach it, from which armed individuals get out and fire direct shots at the vehicle. People try to escape and ask for help in different directions,'' added the prosecutor in charge.

As for the other people involved, the authority maintained that a woman, who has an impact on the shoulder is out of life risk. While there are two injured men, one with an impact in the abdomen and another in the back. Fortunately, a fourth person was not injured,” he said.

On the other hand, the Bellas Artes station, on Line 5 of the Santiago Metro, remained closed this Thursday morning as a result of this violent incident. Through Twitter, the company explained that the measure is due to the police procedure that takes place outside the station and, therefore, it is not stopping trains.

It should be emphasized that this is not an isolated incident, since on December 20, in the Estación Central commune, next to Santiago Centro, a 50-year-old man who also provided transportation services for an application was found dead inside his car, with two stab wounds. According to the investigation in that case, it was a robbery with homicide: the victim was approached in the early hours of the morning by a criminal at the intersection of Pasaje 38 and Avenida El Ferrocarril, in the southern sector of the commune.

On that occasion, the prosecutor Fernando Ruiz elaborated that “the dynamics indicate that it would have been a robbery, the victim does not keep any type of species or cell phone or personal documentation.”< /p>

''From the images that we have been able to collect, it can be seen that the perpetrator of the events would have searched the vehicle after assaulting the victim and would have stolen goods,” the prosecutor explained about the evidence that they had.

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