“The dreamed child”: the desire to be a dad

“The dreamed child”: the desire to be a dad

When the French discover the desire for paternity, the wife is sterile and the husband is unfaithful.

Everything is decidedly patriarchal in “The dreamed child” by Raphaël Jacoulot (“Hot shot”). François (Jalil Lespert) and his wife Noémie (Mélanie Doutey) run the sawmill entrusted by the father of the forty-something. When François meets Patricia (Louise Bourgoin) – mother of a little girl – he falls in love with her and begins an affair with her.

Patricia becomes pregnant even as François and Noémie begin adoption procedures after unsuccessful attempts at in vitro fertilization. As we can imagine, the man is more than reluctant to adopt and only considers a child if it is a son … in order to be able to pass on the sawmill to him and teach him his trade.

From one cliché to another, “The dreamed child” ceases to be so to become obsession and violence. In fact, the feature film ends up falling into suspense (shhh! We must say nothing!) Vaguely disturbing in view of the fall of François, who will then lose all restraint.

Superbly filmed in the middle of the forests of the Jura, the feature film never manages to rise to the height of the subject treated. Fathers are described there as suffocating and suffocated beings, being able to conceive of their masculinity only from a toxic angle.

Sometimes, watching French productions, we laugh at the cultural differences (not to say the gap) that separate us from our distant cousins. There, we do not even have this refuge since the end is disconnected from any credible emotion.

  • Rating: 2 out of 5
  • “The dream child” is available via the digital platform of Cinémas Beaubien, Parc and du Musée at cinemaduparc.com.
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