The draft law on Avtodat did not find support from KAMAZ, VW and large IT companies

The draft law on Avtodat did not find support from KAMAZ, VW and large IT companies

The draft law on Avtodat did not find support from KAMAZ, VW and large IT companies

The draft law on the Avtodata platform, approved by the NP GLONASS working group, where it is planned to collect information about cars with the possibility of transferring it to third parties, was not supported by representatives of the Ministry of Transport, the largest players in the IT sector (Yandex (MCX: YNDX), GLONASS JSC, and car manufacturers (KAMAZ (MCX: KMAZ), Volkswagen).

The draft law “On the State Information System” Avtodata Platform “was approved at a meeting in absentia of the NP GLONASS working group, which was held on September 18, chaired by the head of the working group Alexander Gurko (President of NP GLONASS and co-director of the Avtonet National Technology Initiative).

A copy of the minutes of the meeting is at the disposal of Interfax.

The decision was taken by a simple majority of votes: 19 members of the working group supported it, 8 voted against, 6 abstained.

Among those who supported, in particular, were Gurko himself with representatives of NP GLONASS Dmitry Zyuzin, Yekaterina Kochergina and Dmitry Lobanov, representatives of NTI “Autonet” Elena Parieva, Elena Sarycheva and Marina Yafarova. Representatives of FSUE “NAMI” Sergei Anikeev and Rudolf Soloviev, Rosstandart and its subordinate structures – Sergei Golubev, Alexei Kuleshov, Evgenia Bogomolova and Oleg Denisenko also voted for. The mayor of Innopolis Ruslan Shagaleev also supported the bill.

Business development manager of Enel (MCX: ENRU) X Rus LLC Alexander Kotishevsky, Managing Director of Vist Mining Technology LLC Dmitry Klebanov, General Director of Reliant LLC Artem Krivich, General Director of New Engineering Technologies LLC also voted for the bill among business representatives “Igor Samoilenko and Director for Relations with Government Bodies of AO (N)” Volvo Vostok “Yana Arzhanova.

Among the representatives of the IT sector who voted against the bill were Igor Alekseev, Deputy Director for Corporate Relations and Government Relations of Yandex LLC, Aleksandra Aronova, Deputy General Director for Interaction with Government Bodies of GLONASS JSC, as well as the head of the JSC Legal Support Department. “Group T-1” Natalia Zakharova.

Large automakers also spoke out against it – they are the head of the legal support group of KAMAZ PJSC Rustam Magdeev and the manager for interaction with government agencies of Volkswagen Group Rus LLC Maria Motorina.

In addition, the director of the digital development department of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation Dmitry Bakanov, the deputy director of the digital development department of the transport department Gennady Larionov and the director of the department of scientific and technical activities of Electronic Passport JSC Boris Ionov voted against.

Abstaining: Director for Relations with Government Bodies of LLC Mail.Ru Konstantin Golub, Advisor to the General Director of FSUE NAMI Boris Kisulenko, Head of the Federal State Institution “Scientific Center of the BDD Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia” Dmitry Mitroshin, Representative of the Ministry of Digital Science Gurgen Osipov, Head of the e-mobility Department Iks Rus “Ilya Platonov and the deputy head of the Rosspetsmash association Vyacheslav Pronin.

As reported, the draft law on Avtodat assumes that vehicle manufacturers and car owners will be obliged to transfer information collected on special equipment without fail, and the government will be able to choose the operator of this system.

“The project provides for the development and subsequent introduction into continuous operation of an information system that provides the formation of an array of statistical and analytical data on wheeled vehicles from the moment of release into circulation until disposal, as well as data on road infrastructure, behavioral patterns of drivers and passengers and other information in the transport sphere “, – said in the explanatory note to the bill (materials are at the disposal of” Interfax “).

It stated that the providers of information to the Avtodata system must include vehicle manufacturers and their representatives, road owners and their users (carriers of passengers and goods), the administrator of the electronic vehicle passports system (EPTS), operators of state and municipal information systems, as well as car owners.

“In theory, a situation may arise in which vehicle owners will be obliged to donate all the required data, including commercial information, and in return will be able to receive only offers of paid services,” a source close to NTI Avtonet told Interfax.

A source close to the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade noted that Avtodata could become a “big brother” for all motorists and with its help it would be possible to issue fines without cameras on the roads based on data from a car, charge cars, ensuring the implementation of a new strategy for the development of transport complex of the Ministry of Transport until 2035 on a “user pays” basis.

The third source noted that “the bill (on Avtodat – IF) is aimed at eliminating a gap in the legislation, in which it is not unequivocally established who is the owner of the data generated on board the vehicle”, and “the theses that sound 28 billion rubles were spent on the creation of Avtodata, they do not correspond to reality. ”

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