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The DPRK sent 150 dried sacks with pus and smitties to New Korea (photo)

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May30,2024

DPRK sent 150 contaminated sacks with pus and smite to South Korea (photo)

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Pivnіchnaya Korea sent 150 dried sacks with pus and smіttyam to Pіvdennya Korea. According to the military, the dried kuli crossed the border of two countries after 28 grass and fell in different places all over the country, right up to the snowy province of Gyeongsang.

In the middle of the sun-dried bags, cream, there were various types of liquid – plastic balls, batteries, parts were missing. The Joint Committee of the Chiefs of Staff of New Korea urged residents not to pick up objects that have fallen and to report them to law enforcement agencies, the Yonhap agency reported.

>Things from Pivnichnoy Korea are obvious violate international law and seriously threaten people's carelessness. We are urgently ahead of Pivnichny Korea, so that they will not harm their inhuman and vulgar deeds.

The Korean military noted that in 2016 there are movements through such channels launched by the underlings of Kim Jong-in,  They damaged the car and the cabin.

The DPRK threatened on May 26th, which will dispense “buy some money and brood” In the border areas of Pyongyang Korea, there appears to be an increase in leaflets directed against Pyongyang. More than once, ancient Korean defectors, who lingered around modern Korea, delivered such leaflets to the DPRK for additional windbags. North Korea has repeatedly called for this practice to be enforced.

The sister of the DPRK dictator Kim Yo Jong has encouraged the sending of cultural goods to the Smiths with the manifestation of “freedom of expression” thoughts, and instead of the original Korean leaflets – with “political pomies”, the Korean Central News Agency reported.

DPRK sent 150 chicken bags with pus and smithery to New Korea (photo)

Previously BAGNET reported what is the missile with the military satellite of the DPRK? ;swelled in the wind.

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