The doubles for the Davis Cup: is the Peruvian team preparing any surprises to beat Chile?

The doubles for the Davis Cup: is the Peruvian team preparing any surprises to beat Chile?

The series against Chile runs 1-1 after the fall of Nicolás Álvarez and the victory of Juan Pablo Varillas. This Sunday the day begins with the doubles. Will there be a Peruvian surprise?

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The doubles for the Davis Cup: Is the Peruvian team preparing any surprises to beat Chile?

Galdos, forward, is the national doubles player. Anyone can join you in today's training. (Photo: Leonardo Fernández)

There is not a week in which tennis does not have us on edge. A Grand Slam, a Masters, that Carlos Alcaraz or Roger Federer, and finally “the best week of tennis” arrives, as the Peruvian Sergio Galdos has described it: the Davis Cup.

At the Exhibition Lawn Tennis, Peru faces Chile for World Group I, while around the planet the qualifiers for the November Finals were defined. Italy, Canada, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands and the United States have already made it to the quarterfinals.

Today the group stage duels culminate, with the attractive match between Spain and South Korea. The Iberians, with Carlos Alcaraz in the lead, must win in Valencia to advance. A Korean victory would see Serbia through.

On the other hand, Croatia await qualification without playing. They should expect Italy to overtake Sweden to earn a place in the top eight of the Davis. The Swedes rely on themselves to get into the top eight.

—To fill the Lawn Tennis—

On the Peruvian side, the start of the duel against Chile was not the best with the fall of Nicolás Álvarez against Alejandro Tabilo. He was 6-2 and 6-4 in a match in which it was difficult for the Peruvian to enter the game, who started the match giving up his serve and had no reaction in that first set. For the second he was able to put up a fight, but the southerner's level was unattainable at that time.

After that game it was Juan Pablo Varillas' turn against Nicolás Jarry at night and our compatriot did his thing in a tight match. 7-6, 1-6 and 6-4 for Juanpi who gave Peru equality in the series. Davis is very emotional and Varillas has learned to play it that way. He has a 7-0 home record.

Peru is bound to win the doubles match (from 1 p.m.). Sergio Galdos is our acclaimed doubles player – he has been playing Davis since 2009 – and how he approaches this match depends on his game, but who will be accompanied will also be taken into account. In principle, his initial partner is Arklon Huertas del Pino.

However, according to what the technical command plans, it will be taken the decision of which will be the couple. In the series against Bolivia, the variant was made and he played accompanied by Varillas last March. In 2021, against Romania, he played with Arklon and against Bosnia and Switzerland his partner was Brian Panta. Today, Tupi Venero will have the floor.

vs. Bolivia Group I Playoff
Galdos – Varillas 3-6, 6-3, 7-5
Boris – Zeballos
Varillas replaced Gonzalo Bueno on the hour and then played his singles duel.
vs. Romania World Group Playoff
Galdos – Arklon 6-4, 3-6, 2-6
Copil – Tecau
The series was already 0-2 down. Varillas was not called up due to injury
vs. Bosnia World Group 1st round
Galdos – Panta 5-7 , 2-6
Basic – Brkic
The Bosnians took the lead with that victory.
Varillas and Álvarez won the singles afterwards
vs. Switzerland World Group Playoff
Galdos – Panta 7-5 , 7-6 The doubles victory put Peru ahead. Varillas sentenced the series.
vs. El Salvador Group II – rooms
Galdos – Varillas 7-5, 6-2 Visiting, Peru put the series 2-1 with the doubles win

As you can see, The Peruvian duo has varied in the last three years, always with Galdos being part of it. With Varillas he was a duo in 2019 and in March against Bolivia and also at the ATP in Santiago this year. With Aklon alone against Romania last year.

But then everything will go to the singlists. Varillas faced Tabilo this year with a Chilean victory in Santiago, while last year the Peruvian won in Italy. Today, the story has to be red and white.

We hope not to resort to the last game to define the series, but if it happens, Nicolás Álvarez will have to fight to rediscover his tennis and give us victory, as it was last year against Bosnia, when he defined the series against Nerman Fatic in a great way. Thus, Davis connects the country again and Varillas and company seek a new story.

And Gonzalo Bueno could be waiting. While it's the second call-up for the 18-year-old, his good timing could come in handy for these moments.