The dollar rises another day. Cause and forecast

The dollar rises another day. Cause and forecast

The US currency has updated up to 20 years in advance to six major world currencies.

Dolar growth another day. Cause and forecast

The dollar exchange rate in Ukraine growth another day pospil. Even though the dollar went up on Wednesday due to Russia’s statements about a serious escalation of war against Ukraine, then this year the exchange rate has risen a lot in what is due to calls, as the United States introduced to fight inflation.

What is the exchange rate of the dollar to the hryvnia

22 spring the hryvnia is ready for “black” The market dropped to the level of 42.90-43.21 per dollar, and then it increased to the level of 42.63-43.16 hryvnia. The day before, the hryvnia in exchange offices dropped to 44 per dollar.

Average exchange rates at bank tellers in Ukraine on September 22 were as follows:

    • USD: UAH 41.36 – 42.42 (UAH 41.9 – 42.6 in advance)
    • EUR: 40.47 – 41.79 UAH (41.0 – 42.0 UAH ahead of time)

USD exchange rate in 8 banks:

    • Privatbank: UAH 40.6 – 41.1
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      • Oschadbank: UAH 40.8 – 41.99
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        • Ukreximbank: UAH 40.7 – 41.1
        • Raiffeisen: 42.5 – 43.0 hryvnia

      The unfinished exchange rate when paying with a card at Privatbank becomes 37.45 hryvnia per dollar, in Oschadbank – 37.12 hryvnia, Universal Bank (Monobank) – UAH 37.95.

      Reasons for the dollar change

      For the middle reason, the main reason for the zrustannet, the exchange rate on the Gothic rink was an іnformatsky, the yasan of the vain of the Kremlin about the prodigal of the Ukrainian, the pre -tributarian,

      Tuesday, dollar of the day having increased the growth of up to six major currencies for the same reasons that the hryvnia falls.

      On 22 Spring, the dollar continues to move, but now it is already with the wider world through the publication of new forecasts by the US Federal Reserve System. It’s easy for someone else to make sure that rates reach a peak at 4.6 per cent of offensive rock and save up to 2024.

      Narazi dollar is trading at a maximum for the remaining 20 years, appoints Reuters.

      Dolar rises another day. Cause that forecast

      How to change the dollar exchange rate what type

      Experts name other reasons for the fall of the hryvnia:

        • devaluation points that are saved (forecast for the dollar at 50 in 2023)
        • hryvnia liquidity that drives devaluation
        • < li> currency mismatch in bank accounts
        • a variety of alternatives for hryvnia capital protection (low deposit rates, OVDP for hryvnia savings accumulation)
        • will drink on the dollar to move the proposition

      Є news, which may positively invest in the exchange rate, will drink on the purchase of preparations. Among them – declare about the growth of international reserves and the need for international assistance. Prote, it’s not so exciting news, like the public budget of Ukraine for 2023, which allows the exchange rate of the dollar to be 50 hryvnia.

      Dolar rises another day. Reason for that forecast

      Screen of the presentation of the Ministry of Finance about state budget for 2023

      What will happen with the hryvnia in 2023

      It is impossible to predict the current exchange rate in the minds of the war – the new factor is low, the development of such inaccuracies.

      Zokrema, it’s impossible to say, what will be the course of the population. The stench is depleted due to the success of the Ukrainian military forces at the front, squeezing the hryvnia with the National Bank and the pace of the need for foreign aid. The NBU seems to be improving the situation in banks with prepared dollars and euros. “On the cob of spring, cooking surpluses in bank cashiers have increased”, – seems to be from the NBU.

      The National Bank is aware that banks will be more active in the next hour and will be more satisfied with drinking foreign currency for their customers. “The National Bank is ready and gave money to cashiers in bank currency to solve the problem”, – slander at the regulator.

      Ukrainian business of offensive rock lays a show of 43 hryvnia per dollar. About the experience of the European business association Forecasts for business for 2023 2020 and 2021 rock).

      For 2023, when planning budgets, the company’s core companies set the currency rate at an average of 43 hryvnia per dollar.

      However, the results of this study show an improvement in the mood and forecasts of top managers. In 2023, 28 thousand directors will increase their business indicators on the lower level, and 25 thousand dollars will score for the loss of two such business indicators (2023) vіdsotki).

      Most companies are investing in advancing fate for a positive financial result. Thus, 58 thousand of respondents estimate the increase in income in the hryvnia and 43 thousand dollars – in natural terms.

      With 31% of the increase in income in the hryvnia, up to ten thousand rubles. The drop in income for the hryvnia is predicted by 31 thousand directors, for natural virus – 36 thousand directors.