The documentary “The pilot of the stars” at LCN

The documentary “The pilot of the stars” at LCN

The documentary “The pilot of the stars”, telling the incredible story of the mediatized character that is Normand Dubé, will be presented for the first time on television, at LCN, this Friday, at 9 pm.

First unveiled on Club illico in February 2019, the major report from the Quebecor Investigation Bureau is led by journalist Marie-Christine Noël and director Ninon Pednault.

These have done a colossal job to retrace all the highlights of the Dubé affair, in particular by carefully going through the 4000 pages of court documents for months taken from the trial of the “pilot of the stars”, which notably led to airs by personalities such as Normand Brathwaite, Bruni Surin and Gregory Charles.

Normand Dubé was sentenced for sabotage of Hydro-Quebec lines – which plunged 180,000 Quebec residences into darkness on December 4, 2014, and cost the Crown corporation $ 30 million -, arson and bullying.

The documentary “The pilot of the stars” reconstructs the Dubé saga by means of unpublished information, testimonies (lawyers, journalists, friends, management of Hydro-Quebec, Dubé himself) and extracts from the archives. devours like a suspense.

Note that the hour-long film has recently been reworked to include recent developments in the case of Normand Dubé, including his disappearance in mid-December last, while he was expected at the Saint-Jérôme detention center on order. of the Court of Appeal. His escape made him one of the 10 most wanted criminals in Quebec.

  • The documentary “The pilot of the stars” is presented this Friday, at 9 pm, at LCN.
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