The doctors: Green beans reduces the risk of developing depression

Foreign doctors told about the benefits of French beans, In particular, the product reduces the risk of depression, the publication reported Boldsky.

Медики: Стручковая фасоль снижает риск развития депрессии

As explained by experts, the use of green beans is priceless because it contains lots of vitamins and minerals, while having a low content of calories and fat. It is also rich in fiber, provides your daily requirement of protein. Due to the fact that the product a considerable amount of folic acid, is a struggle with depression, due to preventing an excess of homocysteine in the brain and normalize the production of serotonin and dopamine, norepinephrine, which regulate sleep and mood. The pods contain flavonoids, which have anti-inflammatory properties, it is known that it has a direct relationship to overall health, both physical and mental.

Among other advantages of the product: prevention of blood clots in the arteries, lowering levels of “bad” cholesterol and increasing “good”, reducing the likelihood of osteoporosis, prevention of cancer due to the content of manganese, vitamins C and b, which inhibit the growth of cancerous tumors. The product is also useful for people striving to lose weight at the expense of cellulose in the composition a feeling of fullness after a meal lasts longer. By and large, the food culture has a restorative, tonic, stimulating effect, directly affect the digestive processes, including bowel cleansing.

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