The doctor gave 7 tips for the treatment of anemia

Foreign Dr. Baher al-Saeed gave 7 tips for the treatment of anemia. One of the recommendations is avoiding excessive consumption of tea or coffee.

Доктор дал 7 советов по лечению анемии

Dr. Baher al-said stressed first and foremost that people with anemia should follow a healthy diet to supply the body with necessary iron and vitamins. And all there are some daily habits that reduce the absorption of Fe, for example, excessive consumption of tea and coffee. Moreover, these drinks do not drink immediately after eating, and to do it at least two hours after a meal. The specialist also recommend eating more leafy vegetables, as they contain huge amount of minerals and other nutrients.

Another doctor’s advice – not to eat iron-rich foods with fiber, since the latter reduces the absorption element. In contrast, vitamin C helps in this matter. Especially useful vegetables and fruits, orange, yellow, purple and red because they contain pigments anthocyanins, increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood.

In the same list of recommendations and a reduction in sugar-containing products because they interfere with absorption of Fe. In the treatment of anemia-it also focuses on physical activity, especially walking, swimming, which provides intensive metabolism in the body.

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