The doctor called the characteristic of centenarians

In a cohort of centenarians is almost people who have outstanding physical data, namely big power and high growth. This was stated by gerontologist Yuri Konev.

Врач назвал характерную черту долгожителей

According to local professors, the leading feature of centenarians in the world are insignificant dimensions. At this point the laws of Biophysics, according to which large individuals can not live a long period of time. The expert gave an example of when not different larger women live longer full of the fairer sex. Yuri Konev is sure that the same pattern is acceptable for men and all living creatures on the planet. The physician stated that the approach of old age, older people accumulate all kinds of diseases, therefore, as a rule, die early. The expert said with certainty that among long-livers there are no large people.

Representatives of Rosstat said that at the beginning of this year within the state has a population of 22 600 citizens, whose age is more than one hundred years. Compared with last year their number increased by 10%, and in 2010 – three times.

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