The distribution obligation that increases the price of fuel? The representatives of the Left Alliance and the Coalition completely disagree

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The biofuel distribution obligation is likely to become a big debate in the spring government negotiations. Mai Kivelä (left) and Tere Sammallahti (right) argue about the distribution obligation. IL-TVelli.harju@iltalehti.fiToday at 5:30

Delivery obligation that increases the price of fuel? The representatives of the Left Alliance and the kokoumli have completely different opinions

The obligation to distribute renewable fuel divides the parties: In Iltalehti's Suoraan isi program Mai Kivelä(left) says he opposes the reduction of the obligation and Tere Sammallahti (kok) supports it.

In the program, MPs are asked whether the obligation to distribute renewable fuel in Finland should be reduced to the EU minimum , so that the price of fuel goes down.

– We are committed to reducing traffic emissions. For example, the climate panel has said that the distribution obligation has been one of the most effective and fastest means for that. As far as I know, traffic emission reductions have not been abandoned, so it is clear that means are still needed, Kivelä says.

Kivelä thinks the problem is that fossil fuels are expensive and we want to get rid of them, and for example with a distribution obligation in the long term, we want to reduce the price of movement.

In Sammallahde's opinion, other means, such as taxing emissions and promoting the hydrogen economy, are sufficient to achieve emission reduction goals. According to him, there is also a demand for biofuel without a distribution obligation mechanism.

– They are guaranteed to be sufficient when the market is put in such a condition that it is also worth building those forms of energy, Sammallahti says.

The obligation to distribute boils

The distribution obligation is likely to become a big discussion in the government negotiations. Basic Finns have strongly pushed for the reduction of the obligation. The coalition has not expressed its official position on whether it is ready to calculate the distribution obligation.

The EU demands that by 2030, the share of energy from renewable sources must be increased to 14% of the final energy consumption of transport.

Finland has a national distribution obligation for transport fuel, and the obligation will increase towards 2030. This year it will be 13.5 percent. The government of Marin (sd) reduced the obligation from the original plan due to high fuel prices, but at the same time decided that the distribution obligation will jump to 28% in 2024 and gradually increase to 34% in 2030.

Due to the price of biofuel, the distribution obligation the increase increases the price of fuel at the pumps.

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