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The discovery of the oldest wine in the world is as creepy as it is fascinating

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun20,2024

It is lovers of good wines who will be happy: theoldest liquid wineknown in the world. This day was found by researchers, who were even able to taste it! But a rather terrifying “detail” came to upset this discovery.

The discovery of oldest wine in the world is as gloomy as it is fascinating

a 2,000 year old wine

It is impressive to see the discoveries that can be made thanks to this technology. all the scientists, researchers, archaeologists and others who are working hard. In this case, the discovery that interests us today is that of the oldest liquid wine in the world, aged over 2,000 years old!This one was discovered at Carmona, in Spain, by researchers from the University of Carmona, Spain. from Cordoba. It was in 2019, but it was not until June 19, 2024 that the study began. his subject was published in theJournal of Archaeological Science: Reports.

Discovered in rock by a family who were carrying out renovation work on their home, wine in question was of a reddish color. But this would be linked to chemical reactions over the centuries, and researchers believe thatit was in reality about of white wine. But what may surprise you at first? On board, it is the container in which the 4.5 liters of wine were located: a funeral urn containing bones. In fact, there is a logical explanation for this. that.

The discovery of the oldest wine in the world is as creepy as it is fascinating

known funeral rites

If we can find it gloomy today, wine was once used in winemaking. in many funeral rites to pay homage to the dead, because it was believed that it purified their souls. It was also an offering made to the gods. It is therefore probably for this reason thatthe researchers found human bones as well as a ring the effigy of the God Janus in wine.

The discovery of the oldest wine in the world is as creepy as it is fascinating

The discovery of this wine is therefore historic, because it allows us to learn more about the funeral practices of the Romans in ancient times. , while deepening our knowledge of alcohol conservation practices. the time. And suffice to say that these were effective, sinceone of the researchers was able to taste the wine,still good today, although salty. Let's hope that the researcher in question does not turn into an ancient monster in the weeks to come. come.

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