The Dimayor had decided this Thursday not to carry out the tournament. 

The Dimayor had decided this Thursday not to carry out the tournament. 

Hours before the women's Copa América begins in Colombia, the Dimayor club assembly made a decision that went down very badly in the women's football: no professional league in the second semester.

Despite the fact that on June 5, the day of the final between América and Cali, the president of the Dimayor, Fernando Jaramillo, and the Sports Minister, Guillermo Herrera, had announced with great fanfare that there would be a Women's League in the second half, this Thursday they reversed the decision.

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The alternative proposed by Dimayor to play

According to the statement sent by Dimayor, the representatives of the entity in the executive committee of the Federation will request “organize and hold a women's competition for the second half of 2022, considering the elements discussed at the meeting”. That is to say, it will not be professional.

Consulted about it by EL TIEMPO, Álvaro González Alzate, president of Difútbol (amateur branch), said that he will refer to the subject when he knows the content of the proposal that Dimayor should present in the coming days.

The hope to be able to play the professional league

La Dimayor had decided this Thursday not to carry out the tournament. 

However, now a light is turning on that could save the tournament for the second half of the year. Minister Herrera began to find out what had happened, since an item of 1,000 million pesos had already been promised.

According to journalist Juan Carlos Pamo, Herrera summoned Jaramillo and the president of the Colombian Football Federation, Ramón Jesurún, to an emergency meeting this Thursday to look for alternatives to save the championship.

It should be remembered that, after the announcement on June 5, this was going to be the first time that the Women's League was going to have two annual tournaments, as is done in the men's.

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Some clubs had already promised to participate and the two representatives of Colombia in the women's Copa Libertadores , América and Deportivo Cali, were concerned about what happened, because as things are today, they will be left without competition until October, when the tournament is played in Ecuador.

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