The Dimayor announced modifications for the programming.

Despite the rivalry between the two teams, Millionaires and Junior have never met head-to-head in a final of Colombian football, neither in the League nor in the Copa Colombia.

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For the reclassification of the Cup, the key will begin at the Metropolitano stadium, an agreed duel , according to the DImayor calendar, for September 28. The second leg will be played at the El Campín stadium.

Initially that game was played on October 5, but Dimayor notified that it made some changes.

Thus, the second leg in Bogotá will be played on November 2.

“The Major Division of Colombian Professional Football – DIMAYOR, is allowed to communicate to the public opinion and the different interest groups that in order to develop the competitions in the best possible conditions, we define the following modifications in the schedules for date 17 for the BetPlay DIMAYOR II League -2022 and the final of the BetPlay DIMAYOR 2022 Cup”.

“The changes correspond to reasons of force majeure, due to the lack of availability of stadiums due to the different cultural events that have been taking place in the cities where the clubs officiate as locals,” says Dimayor.

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September 28
Junior FC vs Millonarios FC
Time: 8:00 p.m.
Stadium: Metropolitano
Television: Win+


November 2
Millionarios FC vs Junior FC
Time: 8:00 p.m.
Stadium: El Campín
Television: Win+

Furthermore, the new timetable for the capital classic between Santa Fe and Millonarios on the 17th was announced.< BETPLAY DIMAYOR LEAGUE II-2022

October 6
Independiente Santa Fe vs Millonarios FC
Time: 7:30 p.m.< br>Stadium: El Campín
Television: Win+


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