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The dilapidation of the New Carlisle prison denounced again

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Correctional peace officers used colored smoke bombs during the demonstration.

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In an organized demonstration on Wednesday morning, around twenty peace officers vigorously denounced the decrepitude of the facilities, describing them as completely obsolete and dilapidated. They are calling on the government to invest quickly to renovate the building.

The Union has been calling for the renovation of the New Carlisle detention center for several years.

Last September, union members also demonstrated after episodes of vandalism.

According to the Union, 14 living spaces intended for inmates have been destroyed since 2019. The union reports that some areas were simply not repaired or that, when work was carried out, it was done improperly. safe, both for detainees and for peace officers.

We repaired the ceiling with only plywood (…) screwed to the ceiling with only glue, so we repair it with completely inadequate means, reports Daniel Kenny, president of the New Carlisle section of the Union of Peace Officers in Correctional Services.

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Correctional peace officers disrupted traffic Wednesday morning, between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m., in front of the detention center.

Beyond the sectors vandalized by inmates, the Union specifies that a general upgrade of the building is necessary.

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Daniel Kenny adds that the current state of the building is a threat to the safety and health of correctional staff . It’s 2024, comments the union official, the prison population is changing, mental health cases are increasing, so the level of security is increasing. Our work is becoming more and more dangerous. It’s inconceivable to work in these conditions.

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The president of the local section of the Union of Peace Officers in Correctional Services of Quebec, Daniel Kenny, holds a homemade weapon made with metal frames torn from a shower that was seized from an inmate's cell. /p>

The Union denounces the government's inaction and invites the Minister of Public Security, François Bonnardel, to visit the detention center. The peace officers also call on their MP so that the message goes to the government.

Given the scale of the work to be carried out, the union is calling for a clear schedule and a work plan for the entire building, in soon as possible.

We are out of breath, we are exhausted, we are holding this establishment to at arm's length for years. The population is also in danger.

A quote from Daniel Kenny, President of the New Carlisle Chapter of the Correctional Peace Officers Union

Built in 1964, the Union believes that the building no longer meets current prison standards. Twice, in 2019 and 2023, inmates ransacked areas that were no longer usable.

With information from Isabelle Larose

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