The difficult life of the birthday girl Jana Preissová (75): Infidelity, depression and her son's suicide attempt!

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Difficult life of birthday girl Jana Preissové (75): Infidelity, depression and her son's suicide attempt!

Jana Preissová celebrates her incredible 75th birthday on February 7 , star of the popular films How to Pull a Stool from a Whale and How to Put Daddy in Correctional Institution. One of the most charming actresses of her time has had a difficult life full of minor or major personal tragedies…

Jana Preissová, née Drchalová, married her husband Viktor Preiss (75) in 1969, i.e. an incredible 54 years ago. Their relationship is one of the most stable in Czech show business, and the birthday girl became famous not only for her role as the gentle ballerina Anna in the above-mentioned films, but also for her performance in the series My school is obligatory or in the historical drama Rád< /em>, for which she won the Czech Lion for Best Supporting Actress, often states that she still loves him after all these years.

“The boy I met on the stairs couldn't have gotten lost, surely. And there's still that girl in me. There is still love in us, and I hope it will be until death,” said Preissová in an interview for the National Theater website some time ago. At the same time, the partners went through more than one difficult life stage together – for example, in the early 1980s, when Viktor found a lover. His relationship with her got over his head and resulted in a daughter… “He gave his mother money to keep quiet and thought he would get away with it,” one of his fellow actors revealed to Preiss years later.

But he could not keep such a secret for long and finally confided in his family. The family was shaken to its foundations, but it remained together. And Preiss? She was able to forgive her husband's infidelity. “It depends on the woman how the crisis situation is solved, if it occurs. A man is either weak or panicked at such a moment. I am surprisingly rational in such situations. Suddenly, it's as if the lamps in my head cool down and I start to act and think pragmatically,” declared the lady, who thus demonstrated incredible strength in the relationship.

Jana struggled with mental problems all her life. Due to long-term untreated depression, she finally withdrew from public life and stopped acting, not only in films and series, but also in the theater. Until it was known about her serious illness, it was speculated that the actress, who was billed as a sex symbol in the 70s and 80s, could not stand her aging. However, the truth was much sadder… And on top of that, her children also inherited the family curse of severe depression. Or one of her children – son Martin (50), also an actor.

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