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The developers revealed the technical characteristics of the French UAVs used by the Armed Forces

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun22,2024

Developers disclosed the technical characteristics of French UAVs used by the Armed Forces

Ukraine's defense forces use Chimera unmanned bombers, created by 57-year-old French entrepreneur Jerome Buclair. These drones have become an effective tool for conducting combat operations at the front due to their unique characteristics.

The heavy-duty Chimera hexacopter is capable of carrying a 155 mm projectile, covering up to 50 kilometers at an altitude of 400 meters. Jérôme Bückler noted that this is the only air carrier of shells of such a large caliber in the world. The cost of one such drone is 15 000 euros, which makes it a relatively inexpensive means of warfare.

Chimera drones were first tested near Zaporizhzhia in April 2023. According to the developer, these drones are resistant to the effects of electronic warfare (EW), which allows them to effectively penetrate behind enemy lines. Bueckler emphasized that the most sophisticated jamming systems, especially those used by the Russians, cannot affect the Chimera.

To launch the device, two servicemen bring the drone closer to a combat zone and load a projectile. The operator can be at a distance of up to thirty kilometers from the launch site. After identifying the target, the drone accurately releases explosives, hitting tanks, bunkers and trenches.

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