The developers of the Mafia remake talk about the bonus game mode

The developers of the Mafia remake talk about the bonus game mode

The creators of the remake of the game Mafia talked about a special bonus mode for gamers. Hangar 13 dubbed it “The Walk,” and 2K publishes information about the mechanism on their official website.

The developers of the Mafia remake talk about the bonus game mode

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The gameplay of Mafia: Definitive Edition has been expanded with a bonus mode in honor of the original game. Enabling “Walking” allows you to freely explore Lost Haven without necessarily being tied to various plot tasks. Players are offered to evaluate the cityscapes, take a ride on one of the cars collected in their personal garage, and also find collectibles in various parts of the map. Additionally, the developers hinted at some hidden secrets. It is not yet clear whether we are talking about bonus items or secret locations.

To unlock the “Walking” mode, gamers just need to complete the first task in the story campaign. The original version of “Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven” had 2 bonus modes. One of them was called the same, and the other was designated as an extreme or a big walk. For the first type, a “city trip” was provided, and for the second, the process was diluted with dangerous tests.

The remake from the developers contains a merger of both modes. A “walk” in the “Definitive Edition” activates the opportunity to feel like a tourist, as well as to look for additional benefits. Representatives of the development studio did not specify whether the “surreal fun” characteristic of the “Great Walk” of the original game will be used in the bonus mode. The experts joked that the truth, as always, is “somewhere nearby”. Players were encouraged to test everything on their own.

The release of “Mafia: Definitive Edition” is scheduled for September 25th. The game can be installed on PC via Steam, PS4, and Xbox One. Not so long ago it became known that the use of Denuvo piracy protection is provided for the computer assembly.

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