The Delfines del Naco team wins the Invitational Swimming Tournament

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  • The Delfines del Naco team wins the Invitational Swimming Tournament

    The members of the Delfines del Naco Masters team of the Club Deportivo Naco receive their first place medals.

The Delfines del Naco Masters team from Club Deportivo Naco, Inc, won the first place. the first place in the XV International Invitational that was held The Maritza Creus 25-meter semi-Olympic swimming pool was resoundingly successful.

The winners accumulated a total of 2,675 points to lead the competition, while second place went to the second place. the Santo Domingo Masters team with a total of 1,347 points and in third place the Los Fénix de Santo Domingo team finished the tournament. with 814 points.

The president of the Naco Masters Dolphins team, and the Technical Direction, thanked the usual support of Club Deportivo Naco, Inc., through the Board Board chaired by Lic. Mario Álvarez, and Manuel Díaz Coronado, as Director of Sports

A total of 17 teams and approximately 300 athletes participated in the fair where reigned supreme. camaraderie, camaraderie and healthy competition.

The most outstanding Naqueño swimmers in the female branch were; Mónica Mederos, Lissette Pons, Susan Castañeda, Carolina Taveras, Claudia Cepeda, Altagracia Mejía, Diana Duque, Susana Villalona, ​​Daisy Caamaño, Griselda Rodríguez .

While in Gustavo Vargas, Joel Santos, Julio Camejo, Luis Lueje, Christian Defillo, Javier Deyan, Salvador Guzmán, Eduardo Velásquez, Ricardo Jacobo, Gregorio Rodríguez, Manuel De Dios shone in the male branch.

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